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This world, Malkor, has been the victim of millenia of divine strife, and has been the battleground for many minor squabbles and epic struggles alike, having been shaped by the battles between the extraplanar existences that permeate the known universe. Long have gods fought great battles on these lands, and the peoples' lives have become shaped by their war-torn history. Thanks to the great sacrifice of the Dragon-God Bahamut, the world has seen a lasting peace for many thousands of years. To make sure that no such war ever would erupt again an organization was founded by the Church of Bahamut, together with the dwarves, into the Peacekeepers, a nationwide organization which makes sure to keep the peace across the entire land.
The world of Malkor is a land healing from ancient wars of the distant past. Its population is vast, and diverse. Its cultures have spread throughout the western half of the continent, its eastern having fallen to Tiamat the Devourer. The lands of Bahamut and Tiamat are split between a mountainrange that splits the lands perfectly, and a wall stretching the entire mountainrange, called the Barrier, protects Malkor's citizens from any darkness that would wish harm upon its people. None who has traveled to the eastern side of Malkor has ever returned, and as far as the west knows, it's covered in Tiamat's darkness. But the Peacekeepers are guarding the borders, as well as several cities and villages throughout Malkor. Originally created by the Dwarves and the Church of Bahamut, it expanded over the thousand years of peace to include other races, and is today a worldwide organization. The Peacekeepers maintain fortresses and outposts all over the country, and is also stationed along the eastern mountainrange, keeping Tiamat's dark forces at bay.