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Scarlet Cloak

Nobility in Malcera have worn silken cloaks for centuries. This particular cloak, with its silver clasps and vibrant scarlet color, is a hallmark of King Kyren Anzora.   "How could I doubt you when this is your token?" - Adina Thycaris

Manufacturing process

While expensive, this is a straightforward item to create. The silver clasps are attached directly to the cloth and engraved with the design (in this case, the Anzora Rising Sun crest). The crafter must ensure that the silk hangs in an elegant drape before the heated metal is attached.


National Symbol

While this particular cloak and its vibrant scarlet shade are a trademark of the Anzora Monarchy, other noblemen, Faron Alamar for example, also wear such cloaks. The Protectorate discourages the use of scarlet for such accessories, but any other color can be used. (Alamar's cloak, for instance, is muted gold).   Kyren Anzora's cloak is one of the two items he sends with his cousin Kalia Anzora to prove her royal lineage to the Rebels, along with the Signet Ring.   Image credit: Bing
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Owning Organization
Rebels of Dakan
Extremely Rare
Twelve by twelve inches
Base Price
3 golden ravens or 225 silver rooks
Raw materials & Components
Silver, silk, red dye
Weaving, metalworking and engraving tools

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