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Castle Centarel

A singularly beautiful castle, Centarel's beauty is marred by its emptiness. Mirroring the well-hidden misery of its owner, Faron Alamar, Centarel is chillingly empty and lifeless.   "Well, this is a different sort of prison than I expected." -Kalia Anzora


Made from a pale grey-blue stone that contrasts with the surrounding red rock.


Castle Centarel has been in the Alamar family for years. Only the current lord, Faron, came as close to losing the home as his spendthrift ways brought him. He regained his lost wealth, the castle, and much more through his act of treason at the Battle of Tormelis. Located a few hours' ride from Castle Armath, Faron is easily able to communicate with his master from his home. Centarel is beautifully and luxuriously furnished, but due to Faron's obsession with the lovely Adina Thycaris, the castle is eerily empty and quiet, inhabited only by the miserable lord of the manor and a scattering of fearful, browbeaten servants.

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Faron Alamar
Owning Organization
Protectorate of Malcera

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