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Castle Armath

Castle Armath has been in the Treadnight family for generations. The very picture of what an affluent leader's home should look like, Armath nevertheless holds an oppressive atmosphere of war and treachery.   "Let's go. I have to be back at Castle Armath before morning, or my father will know I'm gone." -Galen Treadnight


Grey stone castle, very heavily fortified, furnished both functionally and beautifully


Castle Armath was built by Sir Alton Treadnight's ancient ancestors and has remained in the family ever since. Before he declared the start of the Malcera War, Alton had the structure heavily fortified. Located on Malcera's northern side, near Faron Alamar's Castle Centarel and the ruins of Tormelis, Castle Armath provides a vantage point for Alton to access his commanders and garrisons in a short time.

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Owning Organization
Protectorate of Malcera
Characters in Location

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