Slag Elves

Where tributes are dipped in lava.


  The slag elves of Gölabra have ruled the realm of Lahar for hundreds of years. Their kingdom at the base of Mount Göl is surrounded by molten lava, razor-sharp blades of obsidian and toxic fumes from the mountain. All of which have proved to be formidable foes, as no attempts to sack the kingdom have succeeded. The slag elves themselves have created weapons of pure obsidian that seem to burn with the intensity of the mountain. With such formidable weapons, the slag elves have easily been able to win military conflicts in their realm. During their conquests, they have taken many prisoners and slaves, their outcomes vary depending on how the slag elves deem them.  



The Mouth of the Volcano

  Only the strongest and truely worthy get to feed the high volcano as an honor to themselves and Ahi'Koa. Warriors who have lived through countless battle and have made the transition into old age may choose to sacrifice themselves to the mountain. Dying honorably to the mountain is considered an excellent service to the nation as feeding the volcano is thought to help keep the volcano flowing. Many of the great Warriors choose not to suffer the effects of old age and sacrifice themselves before they reach that point in life.  

River of Lava

  Supplying the volcano lesser tributes is deemed treason. Weaker, injured or maimed and smaller tributes are instead set in wooden rowboats to burn down the river of magma flowing from the volcano.  


  Anyone deemed unworthy of a warriors sacrifice, out of fear that Ahi'Koa would be angered would instead be kept as slaves to mine and shape obsidian into arrowheads.

The Volcano of Göl

  The volcano has been the beacon of strength tied to the slag elves, while also providing near everything the elves could ever need. As so the elves love this mountain with tremendous and unyielding fervor. They believe in keeping the volcano boiling with magma that they have to "feed" it with fuel. That fuel is coming in the form of sacrifice to the Elemental Magnate of Fire; Ahi'Koa.


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