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Searing Hook Worms [Inktober Prompt #8 Frail]


  The Boiling bog lands are known for its foul creatures and the poisonous air that emanates from the area. Even the water in this land is bound to kill you as most of the water in this bog is infected with a horrific parasite known as a Searing Hook Worm. Any who pass through this desolate land and have exposed their skin to the water or drink the water are susceptible to contracting this parasite. The parasite will burrow its way into the skin where it lives, feasting on the blood supply that would feed an arm or a leg. After so long, the worms' appetite will grow so strong that no nutrients will make it into the extremity of the victim, eventually causing localized death of the limb. At this point, the worm will no longer have food where it has latched, and when the limb is removed, the worm will escape from the body of the victim. Sometimes the worms are known to reattach if the victim is too weak to wander from the newly escaped demon. If the worm is digested, the victims' fate is much worse. If allowed to attach to the intestinal lining, the worms will ultimately cause such severe damage that they will kill the host from the inside out, and nutrients are blocked to all significant areas of the body.       Some magically enclined individuals had twisted and contorted these foul parasites to feed on magic instead of the nutrients and flesh of its host.

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