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Prologue For Trygg

Ideas I want to work with for the Prologue:   The three Dwarven children born to Titus and Bilka Snowcloak will be sitting in their library with their father, who will be telling them a story from his youth.   The story will be based upon his memories of his adventures when retrieving a magical shard with some very unique qualities.   The Shard had been rumored to be with a group of Giants to the north. It had caused the usually isolated Giant population to get aggressive with its newfound power behind their leader. The leader had mounted the shard into his Warhammer and was beginning to wreak havoc on his northern territory, namely the kingdom of Wolvshire.   King Titus had set out on an expedition to slay the Giants and retrieve the weapon.   He is explaining his exploits to the children.   (Dunora during the story was too focused on an animal she had brought into the castle and was hardly listening.) (Voghar was listening to the story honing in on the combat and the glory of the fighting.) (Trygg was fascinated with the adventure, the mystery of the gemstone and the magic behind it.)   As Titus nears the end of the story, he stabs a statue or taxidermy of a large bear when he explains how he slays the Giant King. The power from the gemstone will cause the item to freeze and shatter as if it had been frozen into solid ice.

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