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Shove your brother into the pig pens one more time and laugh at his wailing, the Or'ach will come snatch him away and you'll never see him again. See who's crying then.
— Bilkka Snowcloak, Sovereign of Culvingarrd

Or'ach; the nightmare who roams the Blackfoot Mountains searching for whiney children to snatch, torturing them for their tears.



  The fable of the Or'ach began centuries ago, commonly used as a tale to keep naughty kids in check. The Or'ach is a hooded figure who sustains himself on the tears of children — drawn to the children who cry excessively as they will provide the most sustenance for this dark entity. the Or'ach is known to visit the children in their home in the form of another child, then would lure the children in with kinds words and a cute disposition, only to sweep them away in a cloud of soot. The children are never seen again, although their cries can be heard high in the mountains.  

Cultural Uses for the Fable:

  The story of the Or'ach is used to keep children from bullying one another. Due to that reason, the Or'ach has stayed prevalent in the region. The elders of the land will tell the story to children, warning them of the dangers from lashing out in hatred and making other children cry. The Or'ach is known for stealing children who cry in excessive amounts. The evil entity would take the children away and lock them away in his cave, torturing them to collect their tears.  

Historical Basis:

  The original story has been altered over generations due to the retelling of the story. The story behind the Or'ach has a real and   The origin falls into one of the first wars between the Realms of Worheim and Lahar. A feared elemental conjurer from the realm of Lahar was known to steal children and torture them for answers in some of the most unthinkable ways. His deeds proved to be terrible, and the Elemental Magnates cursed him for dabbling in a darker side of the elements into a life of torment. He now skulks about in the Blackfoot mountains stealing children and using their tears as sustenance.

Give me your tears children


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