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High Summer Festival of Worheim and Mynari


During the summer months, the realm of Worheim doesn't warm up much, if anything their summer is more of a light spring with temperatures staying quite cold. At the height of summer when the ice recedes from the lake, meadows bloom, a grand celebration is held. The Dwarves from Worheim and The Humans Of Mynari celebrate the High Summer Festival for three weeks. They celebrate together every year in rejoice of their alliance.

The Beginning of the Festival:

At the peak of summer, the dwarves and humans will gather at the bank of Seaforth Lake at a unique town made for the festivities. The city of Glushar is the only joint-owned city between the kingdoms. As the festivities begin the town fills to the brim with travelers and civilians from both realms.

High Summer Festival Origins:

  The festival has two purposes. The first being to celebrate the ancient alliance between Mynari and Worheim. It is also a way for both realms to praise their gods and to present offerings in their traditions.  

Special Food For The Festivities:

  By far the most popular food that is passed around during the festivities is the glorious pickled mammoth snout made by the famous Bundo Marblepot.

High Summer Activities:


The Ice Run:

The summer months begin to thin the ice that had once covered a significant section of the lake. The thinning ice is sturdy but can be quite weak in some portions. With Men and Woman wanting to show their strength during the festival, an Ice Race is held. The race is quite simple, make it to the other end of the ice sheet first and claim the Mammoth Tusk to win. The ice is tricky though and any to fall through the ice are disqualified. It is considered a great honor to win the race in both kingdoms.  

Mammoth Steak Eating Contest:

The dwarves of Worheim will butcher at least three mammoths for the feasting at the High Summer Festival. The majority of the meat is used in a favorite tradition the Mammoth Steak eating competition. Everyone is allowed to compete, and the competition is broken down into weight brackets to keep everything fair. The prize for the winner is not having to pay for all the steak they just ate. The losers have to pay for their steak and the winners.


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