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Hatarr The Blinding - Elemental Magnate of Light

The Beginning:

  The start of intelligent life in the universe began when a massive black hole in the middle of the universe coughed out a Gemstone unlike anything ever created. Over millions of years, the black hole had eaten and destroyed many stars and planets compressing the materials into a smooth black gemstone. The Gemstone is called the "Black Heart," and it was released from the center of the black hole in an explosion of energy, sending the gemstone flying through the universe. The gemstone tumbled past planets and stars until finally, an unusually large planet by the name of Urodar crossed the gemstones path. Upon entering the atmosphere of the planet, the Blackheart shattered into Eight different elemental shards filled with the energy and power of each element.  
  • The Fire Shard
  • The Water Shard
  • The Ice Shard
  • The Dark Shard
  • The Light Shard
  • The Lightning shard
  • The Wind Shard
  • The Earth Shard
  Each shard plummeted to the planet in different elemental regions as if they were attracted to the elements themselves. As they crashed into the elemental power, the energy from each shard seeped into the planet, creating an entity that would match each elemental power.   The Shattering of the Blackheart in the Atmosphere or Urodar was the creation of the Elemental Magnates, The shapers, creators, and watchers of the World of Magmoia. The elemental power inside of each of their shards beating inside of them allowed them to fabricate elemental beings from the raw materials found on the planet of Urodar.  

The Light Shard and the Beating Heart of Hatarr:

Urodar, as it stands in its own solar system, is lucky that it was two stars visible. Urodar is a Circumbinary Planet that orbits around two stars. On the day that the Black Heart Shattered in the atmosphere of Urodar the two suns were both shining their light upon Urodar with a strong beam of light as the two stars aligned nearly perfectly with each other.    The Light Shard traveled through this beam of energy and light created by the joined stars passed through the gemstone refracting out the other side into a massive rainbow. As the Energy from the Light seeped into the Light Shard the Rainbow progressively grew until the energy manifested into the Elemental Magnate of Light Hatarr emerged from the Refracted light.   
Divine Classification
Elemental Magnate
Bright white light surrounded by a haze of grey like the clouds of his kingdom.
Radiating waves of light that flow down the shoulders
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
The orange-yellow light of a burning sun.

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