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Magmoia Character Creation Checklist

  Characters Full Name: Iaego Burdil   Any Nicknames? "The Derranged"   Reason Behind Nickname? He has been known to create insane inventions that are devastating in war. Some of them are so devastating that the opposition call him the "Derranged   Does the character hold any Titles? Master Tinker of the Sklavig Empire.      He had originally started out as a tinkerer in the city making fun toys for his children with wood and steel. As he progressed so did his aspirations and he ended up creating larger more elaborate designs that we're able to be used by the kingdom. Not all the contraptions he made were for war. Because he is so family involved his contraptions were made to help defend his kingdom and his family.    Race: DragonKin from Sklavig     What makes this character stand out from others? Many of the Dragonkin are fighters and physical beings with a small number of them being intellectually gifted. Iaego is one of the brightest minds in the kingdom. He is able to craft technology and weapons that no one else could imagine.    What will make this character memorable? His ability to create devastating weapons of war that are so unique to the Sklavig empire and are near impossible to recreate anywhere else without his knowledge.   

Present Problems In Life:

  1. He is a huge family man but due to his expertise in creating machines and weapons, he is often away from his family for longer than he would like. 
  2. He is beginning to grow weary of the work and would like to go back into making toys for his grandchildren. 

Physical Traits: 

      Appearance: Older Dragon Kin. Well in shape though as he is never seen relaxing or slouching and is always on the go. Very healthy for his aging body.    -Age: 279      Normal Life for DragonKin = 370   Birthdate: (TBD)   Birthplace: EverBurn (Capitol of Sklavig)   How old do they actually appear? He appears of his age with the greying of scales. Has not put on weight and is still a healthy and slightly skinny Dragonkin otherwise.    Did any particular circumstances lead to your character's birth/death? (Was it prophesied? Unexpected? Unwanted? Was this child an accident, planned, blessing?) Ieago was born to in the Kingdom as the first son of his family. Expected and nothing crazy surrounding his birth.   Eye Color: Grey-Blue   Do they have sight problems? No he is able to see quite well. One of his eyes has started to fate as of late where he uses a single lens that hangs on a metal chain during his work.    Hair Color and Style:  Dragon Kin No Hair.       Scales are a Burnt Orange that fades to yellow.    Weight: (TBD)   Height: (TBD)   Type of body/build: Skinny but healthy. Not a lot of fat on his body.    Facial Structure: Thin face but friendly.    Distinguishing Body Marks: Small Burn mark on the rib cage of his scales due to an experiment gone wrong. Missing finger from an accidental slice with a sharp object.    Predominant Feature: (TBD)   Health: Great Example of a healthy and well-aged Dragonkin. Eats healthy, does not overeat, and is constantly moving to keep his weight at a very healthy level.    Habits: Tends to not listen to others when working.    Any Handicaps the characters has? No the Ieago is healthy and able to do most physical activities. Only small problem is his missing finger on his left hand from an accident at work.    How does the character smell? Smells of a normal Dragonkin nothing out of the ordinary. During his down time he is known to drink the Pungent Drink called the Saphires Belch from the Donkeys Bite Tavern in Sklavig.    How does the character sound? Voice has grown deeper with age and can sometimes cut out from time to time.    Clothing the character wears: Thick Leather to protect himself when tinkering.   


  Favorite Color and Why? Blue, He lives atop a large hill in Sklavig and during his times off when he was younger he would stare into the sky with his children as they lay on the hill staring into the blue sky.    Favorite Music? Local music at the Donkeys Bite. Loves to hear the tales the Bards sing.    Least favorite? Human Singing.    Food: Buffalo Steak   Expressions: (TBD)   Mode of Transportation: Ieago is a walker by nature and loves to walk around the kingdom and lands around Skalvig.    Favorite Season: Fall, Liked the different colors that the trees changed into.      Hobbies: When Not working Ieago is known to read a great deal. He enjoys reading technical books to further his knowledge as well as ancient tales of valor and heroism from the Dragonkin's before.  He is well known for making board games and other games for families and young children.      How do they use their free time? Reading Books, Playing Games with the family, Sitting on the hill staring into the clouds, going on walks through the city or the countryside.    Are they exceptional at any learned arts? (Sword fighting, music, painting, literature, acting.) Reading, Writing, Tinkering and Building, Story Telling.    Education: Spent a great deal of his early life learning from the great libraries. No formal training was given as he excelled at most everything and was in a class of intelligence all on his own.    What level of schooling if any have they done in the world?  Paternal: Parents were farmers and were very handy at fixing/creating tools which is where his interest started. Making his parents life easier by providing help in fixing broken items and creating new ones to help.  School: No Formal Schooling was completed.  Can they read? Very Very Well.  What level of reading and writing? Genius Level Reading and Writing.    Forced into schooling or wanted to learn more? Was always hungry for knowledge no matter the subject.    Work Experience: Farm Experience with his family from an early age. Moved into construction in the city later and then eventually surpassed into creating his own ideas and inventions.    What do they do for work? They work for their family. Always thinking about his family. The evil inventions of war were created to help protect his family and progress the great Dragonkin empire.    Any formal military training: Ieago was never in the military.    Intellectual Characteristics: By far one of the smartest Dragonkin of this age and possibly even previous ages.  Linguistic:  Spatial: Logical: Musical: Music was never a strong suit with Ieago and was never expressed much in his life.  Philosophical: Relationships: Very close family relationships both with his own parents and his own children/wife.   Marital Status: Married to his wife since a very young age.    Close Friends:    Enemies   Personality:   Greatest Fears   Strongest traits   Weakest traits   How does the character see themselves as?   How do other individuals think of the character?   Level of Humor   Morality and Philosophy:   Is the character cautious or a daredevil?   Does that same personality hold true when they are alone or only with others? Other Aspects of the Character:   Basic Nature of the Character   Example: (Calm, Hateful)   Ambitions (Strong desire to do something, generally requiring hard work)         Any Idioms specific to the character and how they came about saying them?   Traditions?   Description of Home and current location:   Dreams and Aspirations?   Any secrets that they hold close to them?   Treasured Possessions? Family.    Involved in any Organization?   Major Accomplishments or Achievements?   Failures or Embaressmanets:   Alignment:   (Good or Evil)   Motivation:   (Wants to be the best wizard)   Savy with:   (Good with a Bow)   Inept at:   (Horrible at Chess)   Likes:   Dislikes:   Virtues:   (Patient)   Vices:   (Smoking)   Flaws:   (Easily Angered)   Ticks   (Twitch When Nervous)   Quirks   (Snort When Laughing)   Hygiene: very clean and well kept.    Pets: Is known to have a pet Fox.          Who is your role model? Sid Meier   What is your favorite T.V. show or movie? Song of Ice and Fire   What is your greatest fear? Being forgotten   List your two best personality traits: Honest, Creative   List your two worst personality traits: procrastinator, Slothy   List any favorite magical items from literature: The One Ring, Flying Carpet, Hide of the Nemean Lion

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