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Black Marble Dwellings of Culvingarrd

The Marble Kingdom

Written by WDMichael


  The Realm of Worheim can be harsh even for the dwarves who call this realm of ice and snow home. The Blackfoot Mountain range that the Northern Dwarves of Worheim call home is a brutally unforgiving environment that is seemingly beautiful all the same time. The high points of the black mountain range jab into the clouds releasing water, ice, and snow over the black and white marble city of Culvingarrd. Black marble and ice comprise the majority of the Blackfoot Mountains. The Dwarves of Culvingarrd have become very resourceful with the limited resources of the land.  

The First Black Marble Home:

  To help protect these people from the elements an ancient Dwarven Architect by the name of Titus Tyrund in the year 268 began work on a new type of home. He constructed the first black marble cottage for himself three years later. The cottage made primarily with the black marble found in the mountains proved to be ingenious. Not only did the cabin look amazing with its black marble streaked with glittering white marble, but it also offered functionality that would prove to be priceless.  


  The land of Worheim is frozen for most of the year, only thawing for a few short months. The weather proves to be hard on anyone living here as temperatures can cause severe problems for the inhabitants. The dwarves used to dig holes into the ground with small wooden structures constructed above. The homes didn't offer much as the caverns would flood, the wooden structures would fall apart from storms and hail, or crumble under the weight of snow. The Marble dwellings provided more structural supports for the snow, ice, and other weather conditions blasting through the mountain range. The black marble was also invaluable as the suns rays, although weak, would heat the marble, thus heating the dwellings inside.  


  The change in dwellings left the dwarves with more spare time as they were not continually rebuilding homes, creating fires, and just overall having to repair their dwellings. The change in homes was the first in a long list of changes for the dwarves as they became ever more resourceful while growing in numbers.


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