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Worldember 2023 Homework

Another year, another worldember

Area of Focus

For Worldember 2023 I will be coming back to Magic Earth, my urban fantasy alternate history world. Some time ago I started planning a story in it and want to use Worldember to work on worldbuilding specific to this story. The story is titled "Journal of Magical Travels" and is about a couple of magic users who travel the world, observe magical traditions and write about them in their journal. During Worldember 2023 I would like to develop more magical traditions from many places around the world. I will both adapt real life traditions to add a magical component as well as create completely new ones.



For now most of my worldbuilding in Magic Earth is focused on Europe, so I will probably focus on it here. I would like to venture to other continents, but it will require a lot of research to do it right and in a respectful way.


  • worldbuilding for a novel
  • I will have more worldbuilding in the world

  • Inspiration

    My main source of inspiration for Worldember 2023 will be real-life traditions and customs. In some cases I will explore how they would look in a world with magic and in other I will create completely new traditions.

    10k words
    December 2023

    Useful Links

    Urban Fantasy Worldbuilding: Mixing the magical and the mundane - this article on the World Anvil blog is a good place to get some basic understanding about the urban fantasy genre
    #UrbanFantasy - the hashtag page for urban fantasy on World Anvil


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    6 Nov, 2023 11:43

    you got this, Tomie!

    Yours truly, Nino.
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    7 Nov, 2023 02:01

    Excited to see your magical traditions!

    Seek a new dawn, in Malkora!
    The Feral Sovereign sleeps peacefully, but will return...
    7 Nov, 2023 08:45

    Making traditions magical sounds like great fun. Have a great WorldEmber! :)

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    7 Nov, 2023 10:39

    Thank you! You too!

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