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Silencing is a condition in which magic-user's ability to do magic is blocked. It is used when using magic could be life threating or a magic user is dangerous to others. People with the Silencing are known as the Silenced.


To apply Silencing to someone that person must drink a potion known as the silencer. The potion works immediately. It creates a barrier which traps the magical energy inside the person's body making it impossible to cast spells.


Magic-user who takes the silencer still has magic inside of him, but when he tries to cast a spell his magic is blocked inside of him. As the magical energy needs somewhere to dissipate, Silencing makes the risk of magic overload and Corruption bigger than among magic-users not affected by the Silencing.


There is no treatment for the Silencing. Some people speculate that bonding with the Genitals of Uranus, which grants complete control of magic, would cure the Silencing and allow to cure others with that condition.


People with the Silencing are able to function normally and live long healthy lives. Of course as long as they won't try to use magic and be affected by overload and Corruption.


The Silencer potion was first developed in the beginning of the Medieval period as a way of dealing with magic-users who defied the authority of the Church. Church was giving the recipe for the potion to every ruler who was baptised. That gift was supposed to mean that the Church will always stand beside the rulers. At the turn of Medieval and Renaissance periods the recipe was released from the Church and given to the civilian authorities, such as city councils and univerisities.

Cultural Reception

Everyone knows that the Silenced are dangerous either to themselves or others. They are still treated as magic-users and can be registered in the Mage Registry, but have much less priviliges. They can't serve in the armed forces or hold magic related offices. The stigma of being dangerous affects them even in non-magical areas. For a Silenced it is very difficult to get any job. Governments try to provide work and housing for them, but it isn't enough. Most of the Silenced live in very poor conditions.

Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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