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Lars Moller

Councilor Lars Moller (he/him)

Lars Moller is a Swedish-born Vampire and one of the current members of the Blood Council of Europe. In the council he is responisble for relations with human governments and organizations.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lars was born in Gothenburg in 1925 and spent many years there. He comes from a long line of Swedish Vampires that has been influential in both human and vampire communities. Some people say that Lars' ancestors were vikings in positions of power.

At the university, Lars studied sociology and was working as a researcher for few years after graduating. He would have stayed at the univeristy, but got an offer from the Blood Council's diplomatic corps to work for them. The council is always on a lookout for talented people.

During his work in the diplomatic corps, Lars was stationed in several countries in Europe and beyond. He was in Sweden, Germany, France and even the United States. In the year 2000 he was promoted and got the position of ambassador in the United Kingdom. He served there until his recent election to the council.


Lars holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Gothenburg. When he was graduating many professors were saying that they see a great future for him in the academic world. Since the early days of his studies, Lars had been one of the favourite students of many professors.


Among his first jobs were typical student jobs such as waiter or shop assistant. They were mostly part-time or seasonal. Only after graduating, Lars got his first full-time as a researcher and university teacher. Later, he joined the Blood Council Diplomatic Corps where he works to this day. Currently, his position is suspended until the end of his council term but he still receives some salary.


Family Ties

Lars has a wife and daughter. They all live together in Dresden, Germany where Lars lives for the duration of his council term.

Social Aptitude

Lars is a social person and likes spending time with his friends and family. He enjoys celebrating many holidays with them. Any such occassion is sacred to Lars and he makes sure that work doesn't interevene with them.

Year of Birth
1925 CE 94 Years old
Short, blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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