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Princess Dacil (a.k.a. MencĂ­as del Castillo (baptized)) (she/her)

Dacil was a guanche princess and daughter of Bencomo, King of Taoro on Tenerife at the time of the Spanish Invasion. Dacil was also the only woman to ever become a Holy Warrior. She is best known for her marriage to Fernando Garcia del Castillo, an officer of the invading Spanish forces. The marriage is considered a symbolic bond of brotherhood between the Guanches and Spanish people, despite the latter assimiliating the Guanches later.

Path of the Holy Warrior

Dacil and her brother Bentor were the only of Bencomo's children who had magical abilities. Bencomo wanted for his eldest son to become a Holy Warrior as he thought it was fitting for an heir and future king. However, Bentor was hesitant and said no when the high priest asked him if wants to follow the path. Bencomo was furious, especially that he heard about a force that landed on Lanzarote and needed a Holy Warrior. Then Dacil volunteered. The priest and the king opposed as no woman had ever been a Holy Warrior, but when Dacil presented her fighting skills, which she trained in secret, they agreed.


When the Spanish landed, Dacil was leading her father's forces in the defence of the island. In the Battle of Aguere she took Fernando Garcia del Castillo prisoner. Back at the settlement, she took care of his wounds, but always had other people with her as it was forbidden by Guanche law for a woman to be alone with a man other than her husband. That didn't stop some feelings from developing. Her relationship with Fernando protected her from being killed along many other guanche warriors. When two Spanish soldiers came for her, she was ready to use her spirit powered abilities against them, but then Fernando came and told the soldiers that she is on their side. Despite not being happy about being called a collaborator, Dacil played along and was spared.

After the conquest she married Fernando in Iglesia de la Concepcion in Los Realejos on Tenerife.

Date of Birth
1460 CE
Date of Death
Place of Death
Blonde, long
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned, freckled on face


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