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Holy Warrior



To become a Holy Warrior person had to be a magic user and had to finish standard education by a priest. When the time came to initiate him as a priest the teacher asked if he wants to follow the Path of the Holy Warrior. If the answer was yes, the student had to go to the High Priest alone. The journey was treated as the last test before becoming a Holy Warrior. A student had time to think about the choice. Later the High Priest binded a Spirit of a Warrior to the student.   After the binding ritual, the student was trained by the High Priest in using his powers and fighting. After the training, he swore an oath to the king of the island.


Social Status

Holy Warriors were respected by the Guanches even more than regular priests. They were protectors of their villages and kingdoms.
Alternative Names
Magic Warriors, Mages, Warrior Priests, Path of the Holy Warrior


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