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Convera is the western continent of Madeis, and the home of the Reveille, Krorine, and the Ehir. It is situated more south than its sister continent Viare, and thus has a generally warmer climate.   Many consider Convera to be the home of The Champion due to its long history with this figure.  It is the birthplace of The Mages of the Champion, and the island where the organization's headquarters are located- The Islands of the Mages-not far off Convera's southern coast.


The continent is spilt is three distinct regions, often categorized as the traditional territories of the races who lived there. To the west is the world's largest desert, the Reveille Desert. The Reveille Desert goes from the western coast to the edge of the Basera Forest, though technically only two thirds of it is actually covered in desert. The other third is covered in more fertile land close to the Basera Forest, and more rocky terrain along the western coast.   On the other side of the continent is the Riva plains to the north, and the marshlands to the south, the traditional homeland of the Krorine and the Reyle respectively (though, it is noted that after the war against Alexandros of the Krorine and his people, the Reyle became nomadic for reasons suspected to be environmental. The marshlands may have become inhabitable for the Reyle.) Thanks to the terraforming magic of The Church of the One God, the marshlands became more livable as human colonists first attempted to settle in the area.   The Riva plains are grasslands that cover much of the northeastern part of Convera. Before the land was transformed for better farming conditions, the land was covered in various wild grasses. It's most distinct feature is a giant river that travelled through the plains, giving the surrounding area nutrients suitable for crops. This river flows into the bogs of the south.   Before the colonization of Convera, the south was covered in marshlands. However, afterwards, the south became more urban and with more valleys and rolling hills. Though not as heavy as the Basera forests, pockets of trees and other vegetation are common through out the region.   Dividing the desert and the eastern plains and marshlands, the Basera Forest stand tall. Home of great trees that are wider than three men put together, the forest is a dark and mystical place. Once a center of higher and mystical powers- the forest is becoming smaller and smaller since the deforestation of its trees.

Fauna & Flora

  • Basera Trees 
  • Wheat (non-native)
  • Barley (non-native)
  • Sand Flowers
  • Sand Drakes
  • Foxes

Natural Resources

Convera's most famous resource is the trees of the Basera Forest. Outside of the Twilight Forest in Viare, the Basera Forest is where one can find wood suitable for Magic Channels.   The Riva Plains offers flat land for a high yield of crops such as wheat and barley.  Over the years, the land was been terraformed for the best crop yield.


Since what was known, three species have called Convera home- the Krorine of The Riva Plains , the Ehir of the Basera Forest, and the Revielle of the Desert. Once, the Reyle lived in the southern most part of the Convera, where several rivers ran through it but when the land became bog like and inhabitable because of a war with their neighbours the Krorine, its people became nomadic. Like those of Viare, the species native to Convera felt the call to fulfill the calling of offering up a The Champion. The Reyle Champion Aurora fought Alexandros of the Krorine discovered that the four species were linked by the need to provide several young men or women to become the Champion. She founded The Mages of the Champion, settling the organization on an island near her home, which become The Islands of the Mages.   These Mages belonged to any of the species of Convera, as long as they had magic and swore allegiance to the Champion. Champion Aurora is credited by many as the first Champion to work for no kingdoms, instead swearing to serve the greater good. 200 years after Champion Aurora's death, the first Viarans, Human explorers, arrived on the continent near The Riva Plains. They were lead there by Reyle pirates, who had discovered Viare and raided the western kingdoms of the Human territory. They travelled with the current Champion at the time, a human man to investigate where the Reyle had come from. He was the first Viaran Champion to encounter the Mages of the Champion, and all Viaran CHampions after him were served by the Mages, who also expanded their membership to include those of Viare.   As Viaran Champions began to uphold the ideals instilled by Champion Aurora, trade routes and shipping companies formed as the two continents started to interact more and more. This is credited as the start of the Golden age by many- though it should be noted that war was still a common occurrence.   However, with the Fall of the Champion, both continents fell into war. During the war, conquered Converan lands were populated by humans who immigrated to the eastern shores, and over the next thousand years, spread across the continent.   In current times, Convera is known for their exports of Basera Forest wood, and its wheat production in the Riva Plains.  The species of the world are more intermingled than it was in the past-however, COnverans are less likely to travel and live in Viare than Viarans are to come to Convera to live there.


Some of the biggest tourism attractions are the ancient Cities of the Reveille.  This includes Bandoa, the captial city and home of the The Library of Alexeris, though its original collection is heavily curated and protected, only open to certain individuals with direct permission.  Bandoa is also home of its Hanging Gardens, which is home to all manner of flora that exist on both continents.
Alternative Name(s)
The West Continent

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