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Magic Channels

Channels are instruments used to channel Magic . Channels are made of materials imbued with a connection to Magic- often things of nature that are minimally refined for use such as stones, gems, metal and wood.   Those who can wield magic, generally called Magi, are born with the spark of magic, however training and a channel are needed to perform magic.  These Channels can be made from both inorganic materials- such as stone or jewels- or from Organic materials- tress, plants or even animals.  These materials are imbued with magic due to a natural, magical phenomena- perhaps a work of an Ethereal or other magical occurrence. For example, a common place for materials for channels is along the coast of Dromaid territory, in an area where a giant storm brews for an entire summer. The rocks form this area are imbued with magic because of the storm’s magical nature. However, its not just earthly materials and tress that can be imbued with magic, but in some cases-animals and plants are imbued with magic (though this is very rare, and not very good for channels, and is often taboo from collecting from such materials).   Out of all the organic materials imbued with magic, the only acceptable harvest for channels are from trees, though those who protect these trees (The Ehir of the Basera Forest, and the Yuera witches of the Twilight forest) guard them carefully and rarely allow a wand to be made from their trees. Other plants are too unstable and fragile for any real magic, and to take from an animal means killing it. If a life is taken for a channel, only one channel can be created. However, with trees, if the original tree remains alive, it can be used for several more channels (though due to the fragile nature of magic in organic form, harvesting is limited and restricted, as these trees are a necessary part of the forest’s ecosystem. Thus, taking from animals is taboo, though there are those who take from animals. However, others see these animals more useful alive than dead, as creatures of magic they too are capable of things most animals are not. During the Great Magic War, many of these great beasts were hunted to extinction. Most magic imbued plants are used by witches for potions, and some wizards study their magical properties. Otherwise, they are left alone, except for one.   One of the most famous, and most mysterious of the organic materials are the Mavethos Flower, or the flower of death. Instead of granting magic, it forms a rare poison that only kills Magi. Only found on an island north of Viare , harvesting these plants is both deadly and difficult. One of the few people able to produce a large quantity of poison from these plants was Eric Naudawn, who gained the title the Mavethos Lord because he used the poison to kill an entire city’s Magi.


Channels can be used in its natural form, though most Magi tend to refine them slightly to make them slightly easier to handle.  For trees, it means fashioning wands, for stones it means smoothing them and making jewelry (rings, necklaces or bracelets) out of them.


Though it can be used in its original form, many Magi prefer their Channels to be modified to fit their needs or desires.  A group of Magi are often sought out for modifying these Channels without any damage.  These Channel makers are well sought after, as many Channel makers are careful with sharing their secrets with any chosen apprentice.  If someone not trained in the art of Channel making attempts to modify a Channel, it could become tainted or worse, broken and unable to perform safe magic.

Known Channels

Access & Availability
Material for Channels tend to clump in different areas, but those areas are guarded by the local Magi that no outsider can access them.  The Channels themselves can be fragile, and if modified incorrectly, can lead to tainted or broken Channels, which are extremely dangerous to be used.
To use a Channel, one must have magic.  Otherwise it is useless to one who isn't a Magi.  For any Magi who uses a Channel, they must be determined and single minded of their goal.  Though many Magi may use words (called spells) to direct their goals, a Channel sensitive to the user's intentions, varying based on the strength of the user and the strength and magical quality of the material of the Channel.
Unknown.  According to many myths, the reveal of these Channels were by the Ethereals, the god like beings that come another realm.

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