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The One who Dwells in Darkness


The One who Dwells in Darkness is an Ethereal who is believed to know all past, present and future.  Taking the form of a giant spider, many say his thousand eyes cannot miss anything.  He appears in many stories where heroes go to him asking for wisdom and knowledge.  In exchange for material gifts, the One who Dwells in Darkness offers knowledge in exchange.            If anyone tries to double cross them, he will trap them in his webs and make them his supper.  It is advised to be honest with the Dweller, for he can see all aggressions against him.  One famous tale is Aeron the Greed King, who sought out the Dweller.  Aeron was a paranoid Reveille  king who wished for the hand of a young princess whose famed beauty had reached him.  Aeron approached the Dweller in Darkness, asking how the Princess can be his.    The Dweller looked upon him with his thousand eyes, seeing all of the past, the present, and all that could be.  But unknown to Aeron, there was only one path for the King.  The Dweller responded: "Give me a gift worthy of me, and I shall give you the answer you seek."   The King presented three heavy bags of treasures of a greedy king.  Gems that sparkled with light, gold woven in the most beautiful designs.  The Dweller examined the treasures, knowing that was presented to him was not real jewels or real gold, but pale false treasures.  The Dweller spoke: "You receive an answer that matches the treasures you sought to give me.  If you take the Princess, she will be yours.  But with it you will bring war.  You will win this war, and your kingdom will grow.  Your sons and your grandsons will become kings of all the Reveille call home.  Your great grandsons and great great grandsons will become kings of all Convera.  But just like the treasures, this will be as false as the treasures you tried to give me.  Your greed has granted you only one path ahead of you- my stomach!"       The Dweller trapped him in his webs, wrapping him in a cocoon of spider-silk.  And when the Dweller fancied himself a meal, he consumed all of the Greedy King Aeron.


The Dweller in Darkness is a common myth in Convera, especially among the Reveille.
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