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Champion Aurora

The First Champion to Serve the People

Champion Aurora

For many, it is Champion Aurora they think of when they think of the First Champion.  For she is the one who started the globalization of the Champion, it is she who crossed the boundaries of races and decided the Champion is for all, no matter the race or gender they take, or the kingdom they are born into.  She is the one who created the ideals the Champion still stands for today- the one who all Champions after her looked to, and continue to.   Champion Aurora, The History of Champions by Mage Tam Wills 

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Generally healthy, though after the War with the Krorine, Champion Aurora was forced to walk with a slight limp from her right leg and lower back for the rest of her life.  She used a staff to help her walk, though it certainly added to the mysticism of her and her status.

Facial Features

Champion Aurora had light lilac eyes, and the veins around her eyes were quite prominent.  From her time of war, she had a burn mark on her right cheek, though reduced heavily with magic, it is recorded she kept the scar as a reminder of war.

Identifying Characteristics

On her wrist, she has the mark of a Potential Champion- a hollow circle.  Almost tattoo like in appearance, it is a birthmark that marked her as Champion after the Trials of the Champion.

Special abilities

  • Magic of the Champion

Apparel & Accessories

A minimalist is appearance, the most notable thing about her was a ring on her left hand.  It was a simple band of steel with a snake printed into it, spinning in an infinite loop.       She often wore loose leggings and dresses, though depending on the region she was in, she would the more fashionable styles.  However, rarely did she have elaborate embroidery on it or any other embellishments on them.

Specialized Equipment

  • Her Staff
  • Various books and journals, along with a writing set

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aurora was born in what was then the traditional Reyle territories. Not much is known about her childhood, though it is suspected that she was orphaned at a young age due to a civil war among the Reyle tribes. She spent her teenage years travelling with a group of performers, where she saw the other Reyle kingdoms However she had the mark of being a potential Champion, so she was brought to The Island of the Choosing] along with the other potentials. She emerged as the next Champion. For the next handful of years, instead of fighting for the king of her kingdom as was the norm for many Champions, she travelled around the Reyle kingdoms, learning and studying the culture of the other kingdoms. Eventually, her curiosity led her to going to the other peoples of @[Convera - the Krorine, the Ehir, and the Reveille. This is when she started to create and present the idea that this being known as the Champion should not serve individual kings or chiefs or kingdoms, but the greater good. Many protested the idea, though some considered the idea as a way to create a better future of collaboration and not constant war.   However, a krorine man fashioning himself Alexandros of the Krorine, who had become the first King of the Krorine and had declared war against the Reyle within three years pushed Aurora into entering war. She led Reyle armies against the Krorine. For the next five years, she fought battles and slowly started gathering Magi of Reyle, Revielle and Ehir backgrounds. These individuals became the first Mages of the Champion. She is the one who ended the war by killing Alexandros, and after that she swore that she and no Champion after her should contribute in any war other than as diplomats and peacekeepers.   She established the Mages on two southern islands, which became known as The Islands of the Mages. There, she lived a more peaceful life, and expanded her organization and gathered resources and allegiances. She was able to establish that all future potentials would be guided to the Calling by the Lords of Peace, a group of mages dedicated to finding any and all potentials. However, she suggested that the passing of the Champion included far more than the races of Convera, citing the decades long gaps between callings.   During her life, she attempted to make peace with the Krorine.  However, remembering the war, they shunned her and all Champions after her.  It is unknown how she reacted to the mass migration of her people from South Convera and slowly became nomadic.  It is speculated that avoided helping her people to win favour with the Ehir and Reveille, both who were considerable and civilized powers in Convera.  Their support is one of the reasons she was able to form and shape the Mages of the Champion and all Champions after her as they were.         She lived until the age of 109, and died in her sleep on the Islands of the Mages. She had no husband or children.


She was never explicit about her sexuality.  Theories varied from having secrets male lovers, female lovers, or no lovers at all.  Love letters have appeared over the years, indicating that Champion Aurora had sought out a romantic relationship,  but they proved to be false after close study.


Growing up, Aurora never had a formal education, though those around her noted her brightness and was a quick study. While travelling with performers, she learned hands on skills such as sewing, reading and writing.   After becoming the Champion, Aurora pursued a higher education, taking an interest in history and philosophy. She travelled to many educational intuitions around Convera, and after the War against Alexrandos and the Krorine, she became a patron for many of the intuitions she visited and continued to visit.


When Champion Aurora entered her teenage years, she started doing the paperwork and other managerial jobs for the acting troupe she travelled with.  She wrote additional scripts for actors and managed the inventory for props and costumes.     When she became the Champion, and founded the Mages, she became the figurehead of the organization.  Her responsibilities included creating the guidelines and polices which the organization operated on, and represented them and the Champion to the people of Convera.  She was also a researcher for the organization; she kept extensive notes on the nature of the Champion's Magic, which would be used by later generations of Champions as a guide for mastering the Magic.

Accomplishments & Achievements

As the Champion, Aurora:
  • Won the War against the Krorine when they invaded the Reyle by killing Alexandros of the Krorine.
  • Created the Mages of the Champion and the principles in which all Champions after all operated on.
  • Started the the process of unification of Convera and its people.  

Failures & Embarrassments

Despite all her good work as the Champion, a noticeable failure of Champion Aurora is helping her people after the War with the Krorine. The Reyle left the Marshlands that had been their home for generations due to it becoming inhabitable. This may have been because of the war, or something else. But yet, Champion Aurora, despite being a Reyle herself, did nothing to fix the problem.   Her people became nomadic, and over the generations, became known as gypsies and pirates, and by some were considered the scum of society, where crime was in their blood.

Intellectual Characteristics

Champion Aurora was considered to be quite a scholar and sought out places that were or would become the hubs of higher learning- especially in the fields of philosophy and history.

Morality & Philosophy

As Champion, Aurora believed that it was her duty to protect the world and ensure order and peace throughout the continent.  It was not her duty to serve the King or Queen of her homeland, but to serve all people, no matter their race or beliefs.  After the War with the Krorine, Champion Aurora believed the Champion had no place in war, as that meant choosing a side to win due to the Power the Champion wielded.  She turned the warrior-like Champion into a diplomat between the Reveille, Krorine, Reyle, and Ehir.   Though later generations would embrace this ideal of the Champion, to the point that wars would be fought over the Champion's closeness to certain powerful people, at first many resisted this idea that the Champion would be a third party to all conflicts.

Personality Characteristics


Champion Aurora, during her years as Champion, was motivated by the desire to create some peace and unity through out the continent.  After her war with the Krorine, she had no desire to deal with the squabbles of kings and generals.  She sensed the Champion had a greater purpose and she believed that purpose was to guide all people to peace and unity.


Social Aptitude

Generally more introverted, she preferred reading in any library open to her, researching her ideas and consulting with a handful of others to share knowledge.  Champion Aurora was depicted as a pious and selfless individual after her death, and was considered a beacon of grace and manner, despite her limp and scar.  After the war, many commented that she had a quiet confidence to her, rightfully so after winning the War against the Krorine.  However, she was a private person, and not much is known about her other than what she showed.

Hobbies & Pets

Apparently, Champion Aurora was a lover of gambling, and frequently won.  Though she wasn't one to advertise this.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Champion
  • First Champion to serve the people
  • Lady of Peace
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Circumstances of Death
Old Age
Place of Death
The Islands of the Mages
Light Lilac
Silver-grey hair, styled in a bob cut
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
very pale, practically translucent
120 lb
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
A polyglot, Champion Aurora understood many of the languages of Convera, including Turish.  She had a strong belief that a Champion should be able to communicate with all peoples, a belief that many other Champions after her balked at.


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