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Turish is one of the many languages of the Krorine.  It is most commonly spoken in the Pytha Tribe; though it is mostly understood by the surrounding tribes as well.  It is one of the common languages in the northern Riva Plains.

Geographical Distribution

Common among the northern tribes of the Riva Plains, in particular in the Pytha Tribe.  However, it can be found throughout the Riva Plains.  But outside the Plains, it would be hard to find someone who can speak this tongue due to the lack of wide understandability through out the entirety of the Plains.


Consonant inventory: h k s t v ç ŋ ɕ ɣ ɰ ɹ ɻ ʄ ʍ ʕ ʘ 
Vowel inventory: iː œ ɐ ɑ ɨ ɪ ɯ ɵ ʊ ʌ̽   Syllable structure: Constant, Constant, Vowel, Constant    Stress Pattern: Penultimate — stress is on the second last syllable


Singular Plural
Present If ends with vowel: Suffix -ʕ Else: Suffix -ɨʕ Suffix -iːʄ
Past Suffix -œ No affix
Remote Past Suffix -ɐ If ends with vowel: Suffix -ɹ Else: Suffix -ɨɹ
  A standalone particle word is used for future tense: sʊɻ -

Sentence Structure

Subject Verb Object (Prepositional phrase)

Adjective Order

Adjectives are positioned after the noun.


4 Words.
Spoken by

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