A sea maiden you say? Be careful, boy, the M'miri are only maidens skin deep.
— An old sailor
  The M'miri, also known as Sea Maidens, inhabit The Fihke and the oceans around Victellus. Renowned for their beauty and danger, M'miri are mimics. Their magic, though it is limited, is adept at creating illusions that allure human sailors. They feed on their unfortunate victims viciously, and for these reasons they are feared by those who travel the sea routes of Victellus. Though more a pest than a serious threat, M'miri extermination attempts have been made.   The M'miri are said to be a creation of Nayat, Divine of the Sea, a reject of her attempts to craft her own race. After their horrific failure, she abandoned them. They possess only rudimentary intelligence, and in their natural form they are horrific, scaled mockeries of human form with tentacled legs and bloated heads.


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