Dragon Crown

It glittered on the man's head, the colour of the purest gold, butter coloured with the shine of oil. It was deceptively simple, being only a single band of thick metal that rested upon his forehead. No carvings or protrusions. Only a single jewel sunk into the metal, as if when molten the gem had been submerged until it congealed around its base. A flawless diamond of great size, that reflected the light in a shower of glitter. This, this was the Dragon Crown.

The Ancient Crown

The Dragon Crown is the ancient artefact of Dragon kind, their single most precious object and the gift of their creator the Nameless First Dragon. Created by the divine in the dawn of civilisation and imbued with the power of a god.   The Dragon Crown is a conduit to the power of their father-god, created for the security of dragons while he sleeps. Through it the Dragon King may siphon the magic of their god and wield it to the protection of their species, even against the gods themselves.   Though in one form it is a crown, the artefact is enchanted to shift forms with the wearer. Being in dragon form a great horn ring. Though it appears golden, the material it is composed of knows no comparison upon the world, being of godly creation.
Item type
Unique Artifact


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