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Circa 3233 YSB

Created by

They call me the Never Was and the Always Will Be. I am the mad god, and I shall show you my home.  

Strange gods meet in ancient halls above a blue world of vast oceans, heedless of the mortals who build grand cities and fight great wars below them. If you look closely enough, you might notice a smiling face in the sun or that around the moon is coiled a snake.

But this is the age of man, not the age of gods. Magic was the key that unlocked the forces of reality for mankind’s hands to grasp. Now they have spread their dirty grasp to every shore, and fight over the scraps left behind. Ships ply the oceans with jewels and spice, puffing clouds of fluffy steam; armies of golems grow and nurture the land, and kill any who stand in their master’s way. Steamships, self-heating teacups, armoured golems that can tear down a castle in a day. Where does invention stop? Who even knows what mankind will do next. But that is for tomorrow.

Today, the sun is high so come one, come all. Witness this strange fusion of science and magic that humanity has built. They call it Macalgra.  



  • World Map :: Political

    A political map of the world of Macalgra and it's eleven continents and the numerous Kingdoms spread across its lands.