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Welcome to Macalgra

Macalgra is a post-scarcity High Fantasy Aetherpunk setting, featuring a diverse cast of mortals and (largely) insane gods. It borrows heavily from real-world myth and folklore, with a smattering of other influences, and has an aesthetic heavily inspired by a wide range of ancient world cultures - from Egypt to Assyria.  

Exploring Macalgra

Read the Introduction to Macalgra to help you get an idea of what this world is about. There is plenty of absorb. The core articles and concepts of Macalgra, from magic to species, are presented in the introduction. From the introduction, you can explore the categories below or follow the links from article to article.
Introduction to Macalgra
Generic article | Jun 15, 2019

The basics of Macalgra

Strange gods meet in ancient halls above a blue world of vast oceans, heedless of the mortals who build grand cities and fight great wars below them. If you look closely enough, you might notice a smiling face in the sun or that around the moon is coiled a snake.

But this is the age of man, not the age of gods. Magic was the key that unlocked the forces of reality for mankind’s hands to grasp. Now they have spread their dirty grasp to every shore, and fight over the scraps left behind.

Ships ply the oceans with jewels and spice, puffing clouds of fluffy steam; armies of golems grow and nurture the land, and kill any who stand in their master’s way. Steamships, self-heating teacups, armoured warmachines that can tear down a castle in a day. Where does invention stop? Who even knows what mankind will do next. But that is for tomorrow.

Today, the sun is high so come one, come all. Witness this strange fusion of science and magic that humanity has built. They call it Macalgra.

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Aether Somerset

Hi hello I'm Aether and I'm really gay and like fantasy. You might recognize me from places.


An artist that has characters that they loVE VERY MUCH and loves to talk about them. Also my birthday is June 30th of which i am very happy to have my birthday month also happen to be Pride Month!! <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> (Discord


I&#039;m a Thai guy who is not good at writing English but tries it anyway. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I start building my world from my childhood drawing because I don&#039;t want to throw it away.


Scientist, crafter, and analog gamer.

Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
AshWolf Forever

She/Her | Sagittarius | INFJ-T | Hufflepuff | Thunderbird <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> Hello everyone! It&#039;s the Mellow Yellow Pup aka AshWolf Forever here. I&#039;m a published author, a digital artist, and a goofball. I do Art Rol


Hello there! <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I&#039;ve been using WA since mid-2018, and it&#039;s honestly my favourite place to spend time on the internet. I love writing and drawing, though I&#039;m not doing any of it professionally :D

Kris Weavill

Currently constructing the future version of a group fantasy setting, taking our high-fantasy setting and fast forwarding it 2000 years into the future. Roleplayer for 16 years using multiple systems and settings and having contributed with 6 people to a


Writer, geek, optimist. Curator of Wyrd Daze ezine. The Ephemeral Man. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I&#039;m writing short stories and the first novel in my genre hybrid &#039;Zenith&#039;s Edge&#039; multiverse. <span class="line-space

Heath O'Donnell

Christian, Husband of 11 years, Father of 3, American Airman, Nerd. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> Enjoys all types of music, movies, and books.

Melanie Ashford

I&#039;m Mel. In my late twenties. British. Author of SFF, spec fic, some horror, paranormal, and RPG stuff.


otherwise known as paperfaery elsewhere. they/them. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> slowly compiling all my world building.

Jeff Stormer (aka StormR)
Storm R

Got hooked on world building in the early 70s after reading LotR&amp;H in a single sitting age 11. Well, ConLanging first. WB shortly thereafter. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> The fire got stoked playing D&amp;D mid to late 70s. <span


1/3 man, 1/3 moth, 1/3 eldritch abomination right from the endless void questing for parmesan in your local mall, wearing pink flamingo slippers and constantly sighing in disappointment


5E DnD Dungeon Master | Storyteller | Creator of Erenel | Coffee Addict | Enjoyer of Adult Beverages


I&#039;ve been a lifelong gamer of all platforms and all types. Through the years I&#039;ve noticed the lack of work that includes people that look like me (black people). Thanks to World Anvil, I have the chance to develop a world that is Afrocentric in


Just a person with an interest in creation.

just someone who likes to tinker

i like memes and usually write like this when doing stuff not-writing for fun/grade related. ask questions?? and do whatever. its ur life, go be free and try to fly or something

The Chronicler
The Adventurer's Almanac

It doesn&#039;t matter who I am, what matters is my setting.

Hannah Stack

Hello there! I&#039;m a fantasy writer and world builder who dabbles in languages and game design.


A guy from Sweden, who likes to read and write in both Swedish and English.


An Amateur author, I tend to spend much of my time working my day job working logistics, as well as with animals, and gardening. My spare time I use to improve my passion in the form of writing, building up my world here, and roleplaying with others when


I&#039;ve been a sporadic writer around fantasy genres in my spare time since I created a web forum for Warhammer Fantasy fan fiction at the age of 11. For much of my teenage years, online roleplaying through a Neverwinter Nights persistent world was the

Zack Hopkins-DeMerchant

Hi. I&#039;m making a game too close to my pen name! Check out my world building if you would like, I&#039;m terrible at it &lt;3.

Noah Royce

A young lad from the frozen wastes of Wisconsin who spends far too much time thinking about fantasy worlds and not enough time doing his homework.


Hello everybody, I am Mr. Metal Arm, but you can call me Metal. I am the 20-something bisexual collage student your parents warned you about. I write mostly science fiction and fantasy, and have been working on Icarus since high school, and am only recent


I came, I gamed, I never really got around to leaving...

Coartani Isley

I&#039;m just a writer who gets sucked into her world building and forgets to actually write the book lol!

Dimitris Havlidis

Incurable storyteller, builder of worlds, builder of applications for building worlds. Web Developer, Designer, Psychologist. Husband to a glorious wife. Humbled by those who supports his efforts. Oh and I really love chocolate and tangy lemon pies.


I am here for Ethnis primarily, working as a secondary developer to <a href="/author/Ademal">Ademal</a> <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> My passions and experience come in the form of video games and design, unreal engine, C++, Ruby (not on

Isaac Alasdair Nicholas Thompson
Isaac Thompson

Nobinary | They/Them | 20 <br> Howdy! I&#039;m an Aussie uni student going for a Visual Arts major, making stories in their spare time! I&#039;ve got a particular passion for fantasy politics, so many of my stories lean heavily on that sort of thing, haha


Hello! I&#039;m Mea (May) I am a freelance acrylic painter of nerdy paintings by day and a world builder/writer by night! I love all forms/mediums of story telling and especially love table top gaming!

Veronica Sawyer

&quot;Emourous&quot; is a world for a video game I want to work on in the future! It&#039;s not fleshed out yet, but I&#039;m getting there! (I&#039;m also slowly finishing my articles and sharing them one by one.)


I spend most of my time at work giving some TLC to our local buses. The tiny bit of free time I have, I enjoy spending on drawing, reading, playing all kinds of games (mostly PC) and watching youtube videos.

Iyo Nishiura

Sociolinguist by day, artist and world building enthusiast by night.

Greg R. Fishbone

Author of fantasy and science fiction books for young readers including the Galaxy Games series of sporty sci-fi.

Shadow Malachi

For those of you that read this message. I want to tell you that i may return in a year or so to world anvil. Maybe longer but as of right now just know that I have moved on to focus on my paranormal research and exploration. <span class="line-spacer d-bl

R. Dylon Elder

My name is Dylon, and I&#039;ve been writing as a hobby for the better part of 13 years. I&#039;ve dabbled in many genres and styles from essays to poetry, short stories and rpgs. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> Currently, my primary worl

Michael V. Colianna

Michael is an author of tales from a future history. Some are fantasy, some are sci-fi, but all are connected through an underlying mystery. Inspired by Ursula K. LeGuin, Isaac Asimov, C.S. Friedman, N.K. Jemisin, and John Fowles (among others). His chara

Gerrit Dodd

My name is Gerrit Dodd and I write both Mir and other unrelated fiction, typically horror and fantasy. I work by day in retail management and spend my free time outdoors skateboarding, creating art, writing and playing video games. I also spend time as a

TJ the WorldbuildingWizard

I am a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in graphic design. I aim to use my worldbuilding as a method of learning about our world through creating a fictional one, but mostly just to have fun! <hr> <h5>Role</h5> Design Director for WorldAnvil <b

Axelle Angela Snickerdoodle
A.A. Snickerdoodle

Worldbuilding enthusiast and professional invertebrate fond of Cephalopods of the female variety. Likes using old-timey exclamations, by jingo!

Ronan Punk

I&#039;m a 21 or something year old artist and writer. I like to not take things very seriously and create settings that people can have fun in. I like alternative subcultures and the early 2000s.

Jake Hoyer

Novice worldbuilder trying to find a productive outlet for hours spent on internet spirals into history, stories, science, heraldry, geography, anthropology, linguistics, etc. Started by just thinking up a world for a map a drew when bored, it&#039;s now


I&#039;m a college student who dabbles in writing as a hobby. I&#039;m building a world, partly just for the fun of it and partly to set some stories in.

Koray Birenheide

Hello there ^-^ My name is Koray, I&#039;m a long time writer and roleplayer. I use World Anvil to manage the world for my fantasy novel &quot;Aqualon, Rise of the Broken&quot; as well as my largest D&amp;D campaign setting (based on Forgotten Realms and


A short nerd girl from Poland. Has no clue what she is doing, but is trying anyway.


I&#039;m a college student. I love reading, writing (especially worldbuilding and yelling about characters,) singing, language study, debate, and swimming. International Studies major.

Jonathan Thompson

Long story short, I am a person who wanted to tell a bunch of stories like the cartoons and video games I liked. Somewhere along the lines this led to me developing my own fictional world or paracosm that I actively build for fun.


Student | 22

Squire Indral

I Really Love the Fantasy Genre. And i have the dream, of becoming a Writer, in a no long future.


I am a professional software developer, 2-bit author, and aspiring artist using World Anvil to create a centralized Lore and Mechanics Codex for my ongoing project, a pen-and-paper Grimbright Sci-fantasy RPG set in the distant future. There are over 20 ra


A girl who loves art, animals, antiquities, amusement parks and who has too many stories to tell and too little time to do it


Hello, visitor! I go by the username Archon3D. I am a writer seeking to enter the world of professional writing. I have a bachelor of arts in English from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. As a student at Indiana University-Purdue Univers


french worldbuilder on various project. (Kjeldoria, Uvelim, HMS Rocksolid) Studied geography. I also work with various people on storytelling project (children and young Adult) in the city of Bordeaux)