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The Jailbird Cell

"It's not so bad, there's a TV in the cell. Only one channel, but it's the best channel!"
— Prisoner number 24601 "eSongBird" AKA "Jailbird"
Within C-Block there is a jailcell that has grown to be infamous because of the inmate who had been sent to it the most often. This jailcell became occupied most often during "SummerCamp."
"No! Links are not allowed in my chat - I get enough spammers and bots in my stream. My viewers will understand, and we can determine that they're real and we will pardon them."
— Warden D. Michael

Famous Inmates

"eSongBird" AKA "Jailbird", "Bird",

eSongBird is a worldbuilder, streamer, and hich school choir director. Her initial sentencing was from an enthusiastic error when she posted a link in the stream of W. D. Michael and was banned from speaking for 5 minutes. Since then, the trauma had sent the Bird into every stream sense then learning if the streams were "link-safe" or not.
Bird has since then redecorated the cell to be her home-away-from-home, welcoming others into the cell when they land themselves into Chatjail. Eventually other Prison officers began incarcerating her along with other Chat Violators
"I have the best, fluffiest, nest of a bed, and I painted the walls in bright colors!"

"Lyraine" AKA "Mad Bomber", "Consumer of Lore

Lyraine has willingly thrown herself in jail, and then forgot about the link-ban a few times. Lyraine's primary offense is in breaking streamers by dropping subscription bombs and gleefully laughing away. Lyraine's worst offense was a typo caused by typing on her phone.

Chatjail Crimes

The primary crime sending people to Chatjail is link posting, a crime usually used to halt bots from spreading their disguisting money-leeching scams away from proud legitimate streamers.


A famous inmate, "eSongBird" made the cell her home after posting a link in a stream-chat.
Founding Date
February 2020
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
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