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an infinite energy source

In the lygean universe everything is a type of magic. Magic flows within existence as an eternal source of power that holds together everything in lygean reality.



At the highest level, magic exists in two forms:
  • Bodily Magic, the physical - simply spoken: Manifests in all that is visible, such as chemical matter or physical power.
  • Spiritual Magic, the mental - Manifests itself in all invisible things, such as the psyche or the character of a being.
Both forms affect or influence each other. The physical stabilizes and focuses the mental, and preserves it in its current form. Whereas the mental can control, and especially move, the physical.  


Bodily and Spiritual Magic further exists in two orders each:
  • Singular Magic is the high order of magic. It is represented by the 6 Singularities, which form the foundation of lygean reality.
  • Derivative Magic is the low order of magic. It developed out of Singular Magic and is represented by the Elements, on the bodily side, and by the Emotions, on the spritual side.


The ability of control Spiritual Magic can exert over the physical, caused two magic kinds to emerge, in addition to forms and orders. However, these kinds are mainly of a linguistic, almost colloquial, nature, and are used to differentiate 'normal reality' from 'sorcery'.
  • Natural Magic - This kind is given to all things and processes with a 'natural' origin. It includes physical rules, as well as the how the Singularities, the Elements, and the Emotions work in their natural way. In short: Everything a human knows from reality, and perceives as being 'normal', would be declared as Natural Magic on Lygea.
  • Mystic Magic - This kind is given to all things and processes with an 'unnatural' origin. Simply spoken: It belongs to the subject of Mysticism and includes all that a human would rank among things like 'sorcery', 'witchcraft', or simply even 'magic'.
The difference in kinds developed in colloquial speech, but doesn't say anything about magic behaving natural or unnatural. The easiest way to differentiate between the two kinds is to ask: 'Would a normal human being call this magic?' If the answer is yes, then it most likely belongs to Mystic Magic, if it is no, it's most likely Natural Magic.  


It is admittedly hard and counter intuitive to understand lygean magic. The following examples are meant to further illustrate the matter, and help to understand the whole thing:
  • Sand, which is thrown in the air by wind - there's nothing 'unnatural' happening here. That is why it is viewed as Natural Magic. The sand and the wind here belong to the Bodily Form and Derivative Order of magic.
  • A sorcerer conjuring up a fireball - something 'unnatural' is happening, since this person created something out of nothing. Therefore this is viewed as Mystical Magic. The fireball here also is Bodily Magic of Derivative Order, because fire belongs to the Elements.
  • The husband forgets his wife's birthday - this is Spiritual Magic of Singular Order, because knowledge belongs to the spiritual Singularities. Still, this would also be Natural Magic, because, though unfortunate, nothing 'unnatural' is happening here.
  • Somebody is slowing down time - this, however, is Mystical Magic. Bodily Magic of Singular Order to e precise, because time is a bodily Singularity.
  • A person is walking down the street - Creatures are a peculiar mixture of Bodily and Spiritual Magic. The physical part is the person's body, and the mental part their Soul. The body is stabilizing the soul in its form, and the soul controls the body. The simple act of walking contains the soul moving limb by limb, which is Bodily Magic of Derivative Order. In spite of the magical complexity of this procedure, this also is considered to be Natural Magic, because there's nothing unnatural about it.
At first glance:
Magic exists in Bodily (physical) and Spiritual (mental) Form. Bodily and Spiritual Magic further divide into Singular and Derivative Order. To top it all of, colloquial speech differentiates even further into Natural and Mystical Magic.

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