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The Singularities

The Singularities are the foundation of lygean reality. They constitute the Magic of Singular Order and make it possible for somebody or something to exist in this universe.  

The Singularities

The bodily Singularities are Space, Time, and Energy. They make it possible for something to exist at a certain location (space), at a certain moment (time) in a certain form (energy).   Spiritual:
The spiritual Singularities are Wisdom, Will, and Feeling. They allow the existence of memories and knowledge (wisdom), motivation and desire (will), and intuition (feeling).  

Existential Layers

When Magic parted into Body and Spirit (check: The new Order of Magic), the two parallel existential layers of body and spirit were created. The singularities emerged at the same time on their respective layer. Through the Singularities, the two layers come into contact and react with each other. This way the Magic of Derivative Order was also created.
  • The Elements emerged on the bodily layer.
  • The Emotions emerged on the spiritual layer.
The Elements and the Emotions formed the building blocks of all things, which existed in parallel on the two existential layers, and were in constant contact with each other via the Singularities. This way the Elements could stabilize the Emotions in their form, and the Emotions could move and control the Elements.  

Singular Mysticism

A living being possesses a body and a Soul, which are linked by the Singularities. For Mysticism this means that every creature is fundamentally able to perform local and temporary Singularity manipulations.
At first glance:
The Singularities are the base of existence for the lygean universe, and the link between the bodily and spiritual Magic-Layers.

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