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The Elements

The building blocks of matter

The elements are a form of Magic, to be precise the Derivative Order of the Bodily Form. They are the building blocks of all physical things and exist as small atomic units. These atoms or particles may attach themselves in different ways to each other ('molecules') and make up various matter that way.  



Magic Circle


Elements are divided into 2 Classes:
Class 1 / 1-Elements - the 6 initial Elements, fire, water, earth, air, light, and shadow,
Class 2 / 2-Elements - all others.  

In Natural Magic

If two 1-Elements clash, they merge into a 2-Element, which will then replace the initial Elements. The following example shall clarify what this means for chemical processes:



Element Properties

The force or energy keeping matter together is Magic itself, which has different effects depending on the Elements involved. The Elements themselves all have their own properties which promote or impede such a connection.   1-Elements:
  • Light - radiates brightness, gives Magic.
  • Shadow - radiates darkness, takes Magic.
  • Fire - radiates heat, releases Magic.
  • Water - liquid, conducts and channels Magic.
  • Earth - solid, shields against magic.
  • Air - gaseous, radiates wind, transfers Magic.
  • Ice - emits coldness.
  • Lightning - emits electricity.
  • Nuclear - radiates incineration.
  • Negative - inverts, reflects the properties of other Elements.
  • Force - attracts or repulses other Elements, levitates.
  • Illusion - copies the properties of other Elements, is invisible on its own.
  • Life - pulsates, moves and multiplies.
  • Sound - vibrates, creates tone.
  • Poison - disintegrates matter.
  • Metal - conducts elemental properties.
  • Crystal - absorbs and stores Magic..
  • Mineral - combines matter, strengthens Magic.
  • Neutral - Has no special properties.

Additional Explanations

To give a better understanding on what to expect from certain elements, and how they are differentiated, some more information here:
  • Earth relates to rocks and dirt in a wide sense.
  • Crystal relates to gems and semi-precious stones.
  • Mineral relates to other 'earthen' materials, like salt, sugar, sulfur or chalk.
  • Force can also be called 'magnet', 'pull' or even 'gravitation'.
  • Illusion can also be called 'copy', 'color', or 'appearance'.
  • Negative can also be called 'mirror' or 'invert'
  • Poison may also be called 'acid' or 'medicine' (a positive poison).
  • Nuclear is also called 'destruction' or 'radiation'.

In Mysticism

As Mysticism describes, a lot of creatures are able to control these Elements with their power of will. However, there are some limitations. Which Elements can be controlled to what degree depends on the Mystic Potential of the respective being
At first glance:
All physical materials and substances are made out of the 19 Elements. They bind together to molecule like compounds where some of them even merge together. This way the different substances with different properties develop.

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