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Mystic Potential

Mystic Potential is the term used to describe the effectiveness, strength, or power of a creature's Animation abilities. It represents what a being can and can't mystically do under consideration of the common rules of Mysticism.  


Different beings do have differences in their Mystical Potential, of course. These differences are represented by so called Levels. The Levels here stand for the average a group of beings can do. However, it is possible for individual members of a certain Level, if certain conditions are met, to exceed the limitations of their respective Level. The opposite is also true.   The following limitations apply to the entirety of the lygean universe:
  • Nobody can change how the Singularities, the Elements, the Emotions, or Magic itself work. There is no creature without a Soul, for instance.
  • Nobody can create new kinds of Singularities, Elements, Emotions, or other basic forms of Magic. E.g. there is no "Ether Element".
  • Every creature will, without appropriate breaks, reach a point of exhaustion at some point, without exception. However, this might take a few seconds for some creatures, and millions of years for others.
  • If a certain Level cannot do something, the levels beneath it also cannot do it, if not explicitly stated otherwise.
  • Immortality means that the respective being, without external influence, lives forever, but may potentially be murdered.

The Levels

There are the following Level averages. Tendencies up or down, as mentioned earlier, depend on individuals, however.  

Level Z - Prime Creators

Level Z

Typical Members: The Regimenta
Abilities: Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, Immortality
Limitations: Only the ones mentioned above, and their own personality
Time Traveling?
Omnipresence would also include time traveling in this case. But since Level Z beings are aware of the rules of time they usually never do it. Level Z beings are the only creatures actually able to travel through time, though.

Level Y - The Forces of Nature

Level Y

Typical Members: The Gyrgoths and the The Omnipha
Abilities: Great powers over the natural forces and live itself
Limitations: Task oriented
  Level Y beings were gifted with enough power to control nature itself as well as the Circle of Life. However, to fulfill their respective purpose is their strongest motivation, so they rarely do anything else.  

Level X - The Deities

Level X

Typical Members: The Regidea before The Regimenta's Verdict
Abilities: Strong Singular-Animation, infinite Derivative-Animation
Limitations: No omniscience, "cosmetically" by their 1-Elements
  The Regidea, as they were created initially, also had near cosmic powers, even over all Elements. They did split the 6 1-Elements between each other, as a kind of personal preferences, though.  

Level S - The Guardians

Level S

Typical Members: The Regidea after The Verdict, and The Primeordeal Beings
Abilities: Limited Singular-Animation and Derivative-Animation, Soul-Animation
Limitations: the following list
  Through the Regimenta's Verdict the Regidea fell a whole Level. They still are far superior in body and spirit to the Levels that follow, but they still had to give up a large amount of their "divinity". They are not able to do these things anymore:
  • Control all Elements, they now only can control their respective 1-Element and the neighboring 2-Elements.,
  • Control the spirit of other beings, but influence them, e.g. with Emotion-Animations,
  • Create other beings, except via physical procreation
  • Clairvoyance, except if they all combine their powers during the Millennium Convention, or
  • Teleportation. They are able to fly, run or swim fast, or jump unnaturally far, though!

Level A - The Monsters

Typical Members: The Ancient Anomi
Abilities: High intelligence, limited Singular- and Derivative-Animation
Limitations: Character- and/or Physique Dependency
  Level A, to put it simple, consists of mythological creatures with comparatively powerful, but also pretty specific, abilities.  

Level B - The People

Level B

Typical Members: The Ancient Invis
Abilities: Singular-Animation and specific Derivative-Animation, high strength of will
Limitations: Character- and/or Physique Dependency
  Creatures of Level B generally don't struggle with learning Singular-Animations. Physique Dependency takes full effect here, though.
  • Nerivans are only able to animate Light, Crystal, Nuclear, Lightning, and Life.
  • Forasians can animate Fire, Metal, Nuclear, Sound, and Negative only.

Level C - The Convicted

Typical Members: The Invis Children
Abilities: Weak Singular-Animation and simple Derivative-Animation, high strength of will
Limitations: Character- and/or Physique Dependency
  Level C is the Level of Lygea's "normal humans", mortal creatures that age, need food, need to breath and have to procreate physically.  

Level D - The Instinctive

Level D

Typical Members: The Anomi Children
Abilities: Very weak Singular-Animation, simple and specific Derivative-Animation
Limitations: Character- and/or Physique Dependency
  Level D is the Level of lygean "animals". They also are mortal, and their abilities mostly stem from their bloodline. Those abilities range from "no special, mystical abilities" up to Level C. Usually Level D beings are controlled by their instincts, and show few signs of intelligence.
At first glance
The denizens of Lygea each have different powers, of course. There are a few potential Levels which categorize these powers and on with which can be derived what a creature can do and what it can't do.

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Cover image: Magiekreis by Abe Raham


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