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Order of Lost Souls

The Order was founded long ago during the Glimmer Dynasty. Today they serve as agents of Mayim collecting the souls that refuse to die when called. Most of the commoners regard the order as a story told to children to scare them, however, those of importance in the High Church know that the order is quite real and brutally efficient. They use many different tactics to complete their goals. It has never been reported that someone who has been targeted by the Order ever getting away, some have run but all die in the end. Those the public does not know this the Order is quite centralized taking orders from the High Priestesses themselves. The lower ranks of the Order normally get instructions periodically by way of Ravens or Owls. These tasks are almost always the end of someone's life.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

There is no Escape

Religious, Holy Order
Parent Organization

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