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Yelizarovo is a village about 6 versts to the northwest of Lazarevo, on the opposite side of the Vydra River. It is located on higher ground above the riverbank. The village is populated in great part by refugees from Trofimka. It subsists primarily on its high-quality agricultural land, as well as trapping and fishing.   Yelizarovo is the property of Yurii Yelizarov - a local boyar. Some of the local residents were also involved in smuggling - an operation that had the tacit support of the boyar, though there were tensions between the lord and the smugglers as well.   The village has a waystation, and was in the process of building a portage station. There is a shrine located within the Yelizarov Fort, about 2 versts west of the village. Further west, between the village and the smuggler's hideout, there are some haunted woods, inhabited by nechist' and crows, as well as a mysterious cairn.

Industry & Trade

  • Site of a future portage station
  • Site of a (former?) smuggling ring


Many of the residents are refugees from Trofimka (or their descendants)

Natural Resources

Good land, abundant fish and fur-bearing mammals
Around 350

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