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The River of Fire

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

This 'river' winds through a section of the Otherworld. Its source and its origin are unknown.   The river, also called Smorodina, is said to mark the boundary between the Visible World and the Otherworld, as well as the boundary between the worlds of the Living and the Dead. Nevertheless, it seems to lie fully within the Otherworld. It may also mark the boundary between a kind of no-man's-land Otherworld, and the domain of Baba Yaga. Based on experienced travel times, it lies about three days from the heathen temple near the hole portal through which the Yokels entered the Otherworld. Baba Yaga's compound lies about a half-day travel from the other bank.   The ravine through which the river flows is about 100 feet wide, and 300 feet deep. Liquid fire flows at the bottom of the river.   Based on Chonkorchuk's recollection, there was a rickety bridge over the river, but also a firebreathing serpent who lived in the chasm, and guarded the bridge. When he returned to the Otherworld with his Yokel companions, they found neither bridge nor serpent. The party was able to build a rope bridge over the chasm that allowed the Knights of Ritterheim and two prisoners to cross. After the knights destroyed the bridge, Raskel and Chonkorchuk rebuilt it. There were harrowing moments when people crossed, but no one tumbled into the fiery depths.
Alternative Name(s)
Gorge / Rift
Baba Yaga
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