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The Chronicles of 'Team B' - Chapter 30 - The Wolf's Lair

General Summary

After having escaped from the werewolves' hut, Zorina makes her way back towards the village to see if she can find Yuri and the others who had not been taken by the wolves. She avoids a large group of navii that are converging on the hut, and makes her way back in the direction from which she came. Turning herself into a fox to avoid detection, she burrows into the ground and goes to sleep. She is awakened by the smell of a large fire, and soon discovers that Sitnitsa, and a chunk of the surrounding woods are burning. Searching for tracks near her, she is able to discover only those of Zalyn. The latter had had no luck locating any of her companions, either, and crawled off to sleep in a small pond. She is now awakened by the fire as well, and soon, is located by Zorina. With little time for consultation, the two flee southward to avoid being caught in the flames.   Their rest proves short-lived, as they soon hear familiar-sounding moaning. The navii are again converging on them, and the odds don't seem favorable, so the two begin to flee through the night, despite their exhaustion. After two hours of this, they decide to take their chances. Zorina once again buries herself in the ground, while Zalyn climbs a tree, and, when the navii inevitably arrive, she unleashes a crackling thunder in their direction. Deterred, or possibly, on another mission, the dead move on, and the two companions are able to get a little rest.   The following day, they resume their search for their companions, and Zorina is able to pick up a horse track, as well as several booted human tracks. They are the better part of the day ahead of Zorina and Zalyn, so catching them would require quite an effort. Two days of pursuit allows them to close the distance, but at the cost of Zorina becoming quite tired (Zalyn seems to be getting the hang of life in the wilderness.   Zalyn keeps magically reaching out to Augusta, and by evening, she finally receives a response, meaning the nun is nearby. But when they have finally caught up with the rest of the group, they find them in the middle of a confrontation with the werewolves. The armored Zhelan challenges Yuri, and presses him with his morning star, but the cossack gives back as good as he gets. Lokan, shouting for the others to make sure to leave his family members alive, makes his way to take the big werewolf from behind. He faces the arrow fire of his brothers, Vagran, and Iar, but makes it over to the big man, and clocks him with a cheap shot, while Yuri beats him down. Meanwhile, young Zabav enchants Agapia, and calls her over to join him. Lokan tries to prevail on her not to, at which point, Zabav switches tactics, and tries to entice her to jump into the huge hole at the bottom of the tree. Agapia characteristically obliges, which elicits laughter from Zabav and the rest. Augusta, terrified for the girl, follows her down.   While Lokan and Yuri, attempt to deal with Tserg, Vagran, Iar and Zabav, Zorina and Zalyn are suddenly confronted by Danifa, who has appeared out of nowhere, and perhaps surprised by having to deal with two additional enemies, begins to blast away at them, while Zorina returns fire. Zabav fails to scare off the horse, on which Svetlana is mounted, and soon, he is being pressed by Yuri. Vagran is eliminated by Lokan, who manages to give his brother a scar, while Danifa becomes involved in a shooting contest with Zorina. Yuri and Lokan set upon her after dealing with several of the brothers, and though she attacks them with her huge jaws, she is eventually knocked out by her adopted son. The rest of the wolves surrender - they are now outnumbered, and Lokan pledges to leave them be. They also tell him that the fight has no meaning anymore, as Agapia is now in the hands of their lord, the Grey Wolf. Extracting pledges from the wolves not to molest the horse, Lokan and then Yuri and Zorina, peer into the hole, and then, seeing nothing, jump in.   Inside the hole, it is initially very dark. Augusta, who arrives first with Agapia, calls upon God to help her light the girl's candles. They find themselves in a snow-covered, dark wood. Soon, two yellow lights approach, They belong to a giant, horse-sized wolf, who tries to swallow Agapia. Lokan's timely arrival helps to drive it off. Soon, Yuri and Zorina arrive as well, and start to make their way through the dense wood.

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Danifa and her band defeated

Character(s) interacted with

  • Danifa and her band

Report Date
14 Sep 2019

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