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Some grave robbers

These are robbers who have been stealing holy water from a spring that marks the martyrdom of St. Pachomius of Udyn in the Nart Quarter. It is not clear how many there are, but two were encountered by Yuri, Agapia and Lokan on the first night they spent in Udyn. They appear in rags, with white faces covered in dirt and blood.   It is quite likely that the grave robbers are not what they seem. According to the graveyard watchman, they are nezhit' who paralyzed a dog by grabbing it with their claws. However, when they attacked Yuri and Agapia, they struck them with daggers (though this did result in Yuri being paralyzed for a night). Moreover, they are not at all deterred by holy water, as nezhit' should be, and they even taunted Agapia who tried to spray them with it, and ended up taking her cauldron full of the holy water. It seems that they are really holy water robbers rather than grave robbers.   It is not clear who the grave robbers are, but when they fled with Agapia's cauldron, they went down into a crypt, and then fled down a long underground passage that Lokan is fairly certain goes into the main city. The following night, when the companions returned, they found a wall blocking the passage, indicating that the grave robbers do not want their hiding place to be discovered. A similar passage discovered by Yuri, Lokan, Anatoly Frolyn and Yaakov bar Asher in a different crypt had a similar wall. Both walls were made of brick, but some bricks were held together by very weak mortar, so they could be easily removed, which suggests that the robbers intend to return at some point.   Yaakov discovered from his contacts in the city that the grave robbers are probably Banu Tabar. There have apparently been some reports of a certain apothecary's shop selling holy water.   It is not clear where this shop is, whether the robbers are hiding out there, whether the tunnels lead to it, and where exactly the robbers are.   They appear in Chapter 9.

Current Location

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