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Peyman the Fire Sorcerer

Peyman has a shop near the main souk in Udyn where he sells wondrous items. He openly introduces himself as a fire sorcerer, and one deep in conversation or negotiations, he reveals that he has facility with commanding djinn - spirits of fire. It is not clear whether Peyman is involved in other activities, but at the shop, he sells salves, potions, scrolls, magical supplies, and perhaps other items. He claims that he knows people who can procure a wondrous bottle that can contain djinn, so long as it is closed with a lead stopper that has a Seal of Dukhomir on it. He also has some items of interest that he would like to purchase. Several robed assistants work in his shop as well.   Lokan and Alden visited his shop when they were looking for wondrous items as they prepared to leave Udyn. Lokan was seeking potions of healing and fire resistance, as well as poison that causes paralysis (similar to what he saw the grave robbers use against Yuri at the Nart Quarter cemetery several days before). Peyman tried to sell him some holy water, which Lokan was not interested in, but he did sell him a vial of poison apparently having the described effects, as well as five ointments of fire resistance, which Lokan plans to use in the event of a confrontation with Yaqub. Lokan tested one of the salves over open flame, and found it to be efficacious. After some haggling, he purchased the poison and the salves.   Alden then entered the shop, because he wanted to purchase a magical blade that could entrap demons. Peyman explained that what Alden wanted was a bottle for entrapping djinn, not a blade. Though the items can be procured, it is very expensive - perhaps tens of thousands of gold dinars. When Alden asked whether he could sell something, he invited Peyman to a back room, where he transformed into a humanoid wolf. Peyman appeared confident and ready to defend himself during the transformation. After Alden changed back, he told him that he could purchase some of his blood for 25 kopecks a charka. Though the prospect of donating blood seemed intriguing, Alden was after bigger game, and asked whether Peyman could give him a job. The fire sorcerer suggested that he would be willing to pay Alden to steal holy water from the Gaalite cemetery in the Nart Quarter - the same place Alden and the others had been guarding - because he could not enter there. Alden later brought up that intriguing offer to Lokan, but they did not follow up on it, because they were on the way out of the city.   When parting with Lokan and Laden, Peyman invited them to visit his shop again in the future.   Presumably, he still trades there, and still lives in the city of Udyn.   He appears in Chapter 14.

Current Location
Black, and black goatee

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