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The Hierophant (also known as the Supreme Pontiff) is the head of the Ecumenical Faith. He or she is a bishop of the city of Sinfina, which, as the former capital of the Friazin Empire, is considered the senior church in the whole of the Gaalite world. Whereas for the True Confession, Sinfina counted as the first among equals, for the adherents of the Ecumenical Faith, it stands above the other original churches, and commands them. Moreover, in the Ecumenical world, the Hierophant is regarded as wielding not only religious, but secular power, and as such, stands above all secular rulers (including Tsars).   The Hierophant is also the supreme commander of all monastic, mendicant, and fighting orders within that faith.


Selected by College of Cardinals
Religious, Clerical
Alternative Naming
Supreme Pontiff, Bishop of Sinfina
Equates to
Patriarch (in the True Confession)
Source of Authority
Saint Seraphim the Companion
Related Organizations

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