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This cook worked in the kitchens on the lower level of Yaqub's lair. He encountered Lokan and Agapia after they ran into a serving boy, causing him to drop the tray he was carrying. After being called, the cook tried to use magic to paralyze Agapia, and then apparently thought that Lokan was one of the dogheaded guardians from upstairs, and ordered him and his companion to return there, though he accompanied them to the library. After taking them to the top of the stairs, he beheld what he regarded as a full-scale invasion force in the library, and breathed fire on them. When that failed to work, he cast a fireball, catching nearly everyone, and burning himself up in the process. Lokan then finished him off.   The cook seemed to bear a resemblance to Zbigniew the Miller. He was also partly covered by scales. He had a few coins on his person, and a gold earring with a red stone in it.   It was later learned (from his sibling Nuri) that the cook's name was Hakim, and that he was indeed Yaqub's progeny.   The cook is deceased. He appeared in Chapter 19.

Circumstances of Death
Burnt up in own fireball, then finished off by Lokan

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