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Berke's henchmen

These ruffians, of who there are at least half a dozen, are members of Berke's crew, and presumably, the Banu Tabar as well. They belong to various ethnic groups. Along with their headman, they gather at Kesha's tavern near the Udyn souk, where they illicitly consume alcohol and other mind-altering substances. The henchmen usually sit at the place of honor in the tavern, reclining on cushions. To observe the local etiquette, supplicants must order a round of drinks for all the henchmen before they can make a request of Berke Bolat.   Berke typically presides over the gathering, but says little, preferring to leave the conversation and merry-making to his underlings. He is concerned with maintaining his status as a tough guy to keep them in line (that is presumably why he pretended to give Lokan a black eye when it seemed that he had broken the protocol).   However, as long as Berke maintains his status, his henchmen obey him without question. He ordered them to load Yuri and Agapia into barrels in the tavern cellar when he meant to smuggle them out of town, and to watch the alley when he had a sensitive conversation there with Lokan (who he suspected may have been acting at the behest of the vizier when he came to ask about Yuri's whereabouts). One (or perhaps more) of the henchmen also transported the barrels with Yuri and Agapia upriver, and unloaded Yuri near Shatkal. Later in the day, they unloaded Agapia (presumably, after Berke had received payment from Lokan).   Most are probably still in the city of Udyn, where they are based.   They appear in Chapters 8, 13, 14 and 15.

Current Location

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