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Bahite Faith

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

Adherents of this religion, also called the Busurman Faith, call themselves the Resigned. It is a relatively new religion, though its faithful see it as the last and most perfect form of monotheism, which has one true form, which, unfortunately, has been corrupted by Fogarma and Gaalites alike. From the Fogarma, the Bahites take the stress on the absolute Oneness of God, and have little patience of Trinitarian doctrines. They accept Fogarma Seers as truly inspired bringers of God’s words, but add that their own Seer, Baha, was the first such to receive a genuine revelation among the Baramite people, who since the Flood had often been regarded as God’s accursed race. Many Rakhmany have also adopted this faith, and are erroneously regarded as its founders. The Bahites accept the Fogarma’s prohibition against graven images, and many of the Fogarma’s dietary regulations, adding to them a prohibition against the consumption of alcohol. And they practice various forms of polygamy, which the Old Covenant allowed (though the Fogarma no longer practice it themselves). The Bahites contest any special status for the Fogarma, however, and interpret God’s commandments as being universal, and fit for collective worship by a universal Commonwealth. This universalism, and the imperative to proselytize, the Bahites adopted from Gaalites, though they have no single priestly hierarchy. They accept Gaal as a Seer, but do not accept his divinity, or even his death on the cross. Their own scripture, the Incantation, is not regarded as being made up of multiple inspired fragments, but is instead seen a single text, imparted by an archangel to their prophet Baha.   The archangels and angels, according to the Inantation, are servants of God, with no free will of their own. There are however, beings called djinn, which are made of fire, and which do have the power to choose Good over Evil. Their leader defied God, and like Bes in the True Confession, leads a war against Him which will culminate in a battle at the end of time. The Bahites must struggle to live up to God’s expectations to follow Him, and this at times means accepting the burden of political rulership and military expansion. Bahite rulers have been successful in the latter regard, especially at the expense of the True Confession – a fact often pointed to by Gaalites as a sign that the world will soon end. Though regarded as followers of an evil sorcerer, Bahites that govern over Gaalites typically let them live in accordance with their own beliefs as long as they recognize the former’s political supremacy, and pay their taxes.

There is no God but al-Wakim, and Baha is His Seer

Founding Date
Circa 700 years ago
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
Submission; The Busurman Faith
Related Ethnicities

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