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A bannik in Yaqub's lair

This is a bathhouse spirit who haunts the bath in Yaqub's lair. His relationship with the lair's master is unknown. He did, however, come to the aid of Yaqub's son Nuri when the party brought him in to drink from the pool. The bannik caused the air to become hot, which caused people to faint. He also attacked several party members with a cudgel. He pulled Nuri out of the pool after Agapia caused him to fall in, which allowed Nuri to nearly fry the party with a ball of fire.   The party subsequently returned to the bath to learn about the nature of the water and the curse its consumption lay on the captive women of Vladykino. After the party subdued the bannik, he revealed that dispelling the curse necessitated the throwing of Yaqub's treasure into the water. In exchange, the party promised to free the creature, which the companions did. The bannik then padded away somewhere.   The bannik is a disheveled creature, naked, except a loincloth. He has the power to turn invisible.   His current whereabouts are unknown.   He appears in Chapters 21 and 22.

Long, wild
5 feet or so
Very thin

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