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The Cosmos

The Cosmos is the infinite expansion of the primeval current that flows through all things, and from which all things originate. It is where universes are born and where they die, where beings sleep and wake, and where matter exists and does not. Within this vastness, there are three layers.   The Near Cosmos is the stars and the planets that a small being may look up the sky and observe. It is the sun that beats down on your skin and fills you with warmth. It is the moon that guides your way in the dark. It is the stars that you draw your conclusions from. The Near Cosmos is what is easy to understand. What you can see with your eyes and feel with your senses.   The Peripheral Cosmos is what can be found in Dreams. It is the membrane that is thick and heavy and confusing to pierce. It is swirling colors you see when you close your eyes. It is the tap in the trunk of a great tree from which trickles the blood of Gods. It is here that one can begin to slowly tune themselves to the frequency of the third layer.   The Far Cosmos is the final and most distant layer of deep space. It is here that ancient beings swim through the waveless sea. It is here that all Dreams originate. It is here that the Dala persist. To tune yourself to the frequency of the Far Cosmos is to transcend all other layers. To embrace the Far Cosmos is to become it.
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