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Lucidiette Whom shall we fear should we Wake?

1st of Janusus, 1 PW

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The year is 1 PW, or “Pre Wake”. The Lucidiette Mass (Lucid Dreamers) of Leofric have dreamt of the Prake (Awakening an event they deem catastrophic to Leofric’s way of life. Lucidiettes draw their power from the Dream, manipulating the world around them by manifesting concepts into reality through Lucid Dreaming. They fear the Prake, as they believe it will lead to this power escaping them for good. But this world is a sick one. Reliance on the Dream has steadily transformed the idyllic utopia of Leofric into an aberrant Nightmare. The dream is close to ending, and the Mass clutches onto power by Lucidiating ‘solutions’ which merely delay the inevitable. The Dream was once an obscure vision from the mind of something otherworldly, but with increased Mass tampering the Dream folded into the waking world and became distorted; ushering in dubious concepts from the Nightmare.   From what are all Dreams sourced? From where are all Nightmares culled? And whom shall we fear should we Wake?