Eastern American Cluster

The Eastern American Cluster is the eastern star sectors in the Sagittarius Arm, colonized mostly by former Northern Americans. It is now a part of Outer Colonies, just as divided as most of it, but is known for relativelly big number of powerful democracies, making it (together with European Cluster a cornerstone of New North Atlantic Treaty.  


It includes following star sectors:
Sector 11 - Manifest Destiny
Sector 16 - ???
Sector 19 - American Dream
Sector 30 - Pacific States
Sector 32 - ???
Sector 40 - Orwell's Nightmare

Political Landscape

Great Powers
United States of America [Sector 11 and 19][NNAT]
Secondary Powers
Republic of Canada [Sector 30][NNAT]
Western United States [Sector 30][NNAT]
The Technocracy [Sector 40][PoS]
Alliance of Sovereign Worlds [Sector 40][NNAT]
Independent Countries
American Unity [Sector 11][RPC]
American Empire [Sector 11][AR]
American Commune [Sector 19][FI]
People's Republic of America [Sector 19][NC]
Confederate States of America [Sector 19][PoS]
Democratic Republic of Quebec [Sector 30][FI]
Free Republic of Texas [Sector 30][NNAT]
Great Nazi Reich [Sector 30][PoS]


Notable Past Countries [Human]
American Centrality [Sector 11]
Notable Aliens to inhabit the region
Silinruls - The Eastern American Cluster remained a part of the Silinrul Empire for most of its history.
Seskans - Area used to be quite densely inhabited prior to the Seskans' downfall.
Aurums - Part of Aurum Imperium, mostly deserted after the Aurum Diaspora started, for reasons unknown.

Alternative Name(s)
Eastern American Line, Eastern American Arm.
Galactic Sector


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