Long War

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Contrary to humanity's expectations, neither leaving Earth nor expanding throught the Galaxy could change human nature. When Mankind expanded throughout the stars, its problems expanded as well. Both in number and in scale. Most of them will haunt humanity until the unforgiving Galaxy will finally claim the last human life.   More than three hundred years passed since the beginning of the Long War. The most devastating and longest military conflict in history of humanity. The most terrible civil war to ever befell mankind. War on a scale never seen before, fought between two human factions, Solar Federation and the Confederation of Mankind.   Now, with humanity divided even on a genetic level, the chances of peace are slim at best. And there are also aliens, for whom human race - the greatest military power in the known part of the Milky Way - is a permanent threat. One that most of them would love to erase, no matter how.
Daughters and sons of Terra march to war. Over and over again. Until the Galaxy turns to dust.