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Nikita Unit TG1-25527-1-R Alexeev

Nikita Nikita Unit TG1-25527-1-R Alexeev

Nikita is a Russian T-18 tank, whom after fleeing the war, soon found herself at the side of a French heavy tank named Adrik and the rest of their small pack of 7.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Nikita doesn't have anything amazing or unique about her that makes her stand out physically beyond a scuff or bullet ricochet here and there, but she's a lighter shade of olive green and has dark but vivid red optics.

Facial Features

Unlike most turreted tanks but similar to SPGs and Tank Destroyers, Nikita only has one turret optic due to the placement of her guns and turret symmetry, and it's to the left of her main gun.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nikita, being an Eastern MAI, wasn't activated until 1981 after Russia and its allies had mastered and figured out how to copy the advanced AI tech they'd recovered from downed Western MAI. Although she and the rest of her kind were a bit late to the party, they made up for it by being sent out for combat as soon as possible. This caused a whole world of unprecedented stress for the young automated troops that the Russians didn't anticipate due to not looking deep enough into their mannerisms. Nikita was not exempt from this stress, and despite fair treatment by her crew, she was driven to abandonment by the concept of being born to die in a war they were no doubt going to lose.   As with the rest of her soon-to-be pack, Nikita was on her own for about a year until finding herself face to face with another MAI; Adrik Unit 1835. After the daunting first encounter with a tank from the opposing side of the war, the two figured out how to tolerate each other, then started to become friends, and then more than that. Despite Adrik's flaws from a more depressing past than her own, she learned to love him for his potential and willingness to improve himself for her, and she herself was his main support in learning how to better come to terms with his past and start growing past it- although it's something he can probably never fully overcome.

Mental Trauma

Though not as serious as most, Nikita still has a form of PTSD from the war, and it shows mainly in her mannerisms around humans, becoming antsy and avoiding eye contact as much as possible. Even certain visual cues can put her on edge, like buildings with a degree of dilapidation that looks uncomfortably similar to bomb damage.


Contacts & Relations

Nikita is part of a feral pack identified as "Pack Group Nashoba," which consists of five other tanks and one tank destroyer.

Social Aptitude

Nikita, in terms of sociability, is a bit on the line between a timid feral and a more lax feral. Despite her previous anxieties, she doesn't have too much trouble acquainting herself with new individuals regardless of race/species. As with many feral MAI, she remains feral due to the daunting concept of being left behind by societal advancement, but mostly to stay by the side of her partner, Adrik.


She has a quite chipper, light tone for a tank; probably not a voice many would expect, but it... somewhat, makes sense since she's on the smaller side? Her Russian accent is also quite heavy.

Neutral Good
Livastian MAI
Year of Birth
1981 77 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Activated to fight on the behalf of Russia in the Third World War
No clear preferences beyond her relationship with Adrik
Gender Identity
Heavily feminine leaning
Dark, garnet red
5.9 tons
Known Languages
Russian, German, French, English

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