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The population of Wessfield has remained pretty diverse since its rebuilding after the Rebellion.
Races Percentages
Humans 39%
Dwarves 21%
Gnomes 19%
Halfling 12%
Elves 5%
Tieldracen 4%
Shizoku < 1%
Lobokin < 1%
Chīsana < 1%
Maganates < 1%
Others < 1%


Wessfield as with all major cities within Durlon are overseen by a Baron who is in charge of that city and it lands around it. The baron is still beheld to the king in Freehold, but are given relative autonomy in running their region as long as tax remain being paid. The baron of Wessfield keeps a council of elders and prosperous citizens to better understand the needs and complaints of the citizenry.


They consist of city walls that aid in its defense, as well as, maintaining a small standing militia and city guards to deal with basic defense and law enforcement. Rinas's current long-standing peace has Wessfield investing more in its industry than in defense.

Industry & Trade

Wessfield largest industries are all sea-based. Fishing, crabbing, and harvesting plants from the ocean that are useful as a spice and/or medicine. Their large fleet allows them to trade goods around the entire coast of the Durlon Kingdom, because of the volatility of most of their commerce they only tend to trade among cities within Durlon. Trade ships from Republic of the Nine Swords and The Holy Kingdom of Valadrien make the long journey for many of the harvest sea plants.


Large scale fishing is the lifeblood of the city. The waters within fifty kilometers are home to some of the most desired seafood craved within the Durlon Kingdom, most of all, the famous Silverscale Trout, which can only be caught in the waters off the shores of Wessfield.


The lucrative trade markets of Wessfield has made the town quite prosperous and the city folks involved with it rather wealthy. The city sports a wide variety of professions and stores to serve the citizens and visitors.   The raw numbers breakdown as follows:
  • Overall Combined City Wealth: 17,288,000 gp.
  • Average Max value for sale: 2,853 gp.
  • Average Max pawn value: 15,127 gp

Guilds and Factions

The Blades have established one of their branches in town as well as a branch office of Otemus Arcanium has been located here as well. Smaller guilds related to fishing, shipwrights, craftsman, and trade have also setup branch within Wessfield.


Wessfield like most major cities on Rinas was build of the ruins of a defeated Elven Citadel-Town. Most of the original inhabitants migrated from Freehold or had already lived in the surrounding areas.


The area of Wessfield is surrounded by grassland on three sides and bordering the ocean on the last. To the east, there is an Wrentlin Wood, a massive forest of sycamores, oaks, and maples. To the west, is nearly a hundred kilometers of fertile land for crops and livestocks.

Natural Resources

Silverscale Trout, Deep Red Tuna, Dark-back Bass, Ridge Crabs, Fluria Weed, Rainbow Coral, and Purple Seaweed can be found readily in the seas. Hardy Sycamore and Oak trees are harvested from the nearby forest and the lush grasslands to the west of the city allow for a multitude of farm crops and livestock.
Founding Date
7844 AC
Inhabitant Demonym


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