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Wheatcutting Celebration

Central Graran harvest tradition.

Arsal woke to the sound of hollering from outside. She opened her window and saw people cutting the wheat in the fields but she expected to see that. The men had awoken early to begin the harvest. Another holler filled the air. She could hear the other families scream in the distance as well.   She got ready and headed to the vegetable garden to pick what was ripe. It was hot, hotter than usual at this time of season. Everyone would have to be careful and drink properly. When her basket was full she loaded it into the cart. If everyone was getting together she hoped to present her best cooking yet.


Harvesting the wheat is an arduous process and not fun. It is believed that at some point someone yelled that they had finished the first bundle. Someone else nearby yelled about theirs. It picked up quickly, everyone was joining in, and everyone found connection and community in the labor.


The celebration begins with the harvesters hollering in the fields on the first cycle of the harvest. After the work is done for the cycle everyone in the community gathers to share a common meal of meat and vegetables but nothing made of flour. This meal commonly involves drinking, fires, and the harvest dance.   Since the farmers usually begins the cycle's work before eating their first meal, when the first holler is heard every farmer knows they will be fasting until after the work is done for that cycle. During the festival, everyone eats only one meal each cycle.


"Remember that one Wheatcutting Festival? The one where Tarluk refused to cut the last bundle of wheat so the celebration went on for three more cycles? Good times."   "Tarluk never cut that wheat, his wife got annoyed with all the drinking he was doing. After she got tired of cooking festival food she cut it down herself!"   "I'll always remember the look on his face while he begged her not to cut it!"
When the wheat is ready to be harvested, the celebration begins. When the last of the wheat is harvested the celebration ends.

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