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The Grand Rulehouse of Burim

A place for resolving disputes and deciding punishments.

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The Grand Rulehouse was originally constructed as a place to house balls and parties for the ruling elite of Burim. After the signing of the Burm Constitution and the subsequent decline in wealthy - however temporary - in the elite, the building was repurposed to what it is now. This involved adding on several additions to contain rooms for breakaway meetings, administrative work, and file storage. These later additions to the building are noticeably different than the original structure, the stone has worn less but mostly the stone is a slightly different color as it was quarried from a different location than the original blocks.   The main hall has large glass windows and a glass roof, this glass is of the highest quality and still uncommon in present construction due to the very high price. The ever-present natural light removes the need for any artificial sources and prevents any fire hazards from them. The stone floors were originally smoothed and polished but have since worn down. The slippery nature of the floor was acceptable when it was a ballroom and everyone inside wore appropriate shoes but now as a common ground for people of all classes, the floor has been left in a rougher state for safety.


The entire structure is dedicated to resolving disputes between people and administering the laws of Burim. The process by which disputes are resolved involves all parties involved agreeing to an arbiter and working it out with the appointed individual. When the law is involved, a member of the Burim Council comes to resolve the problem.

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